Top 10 Things We Experience while Travelling in Train

Top 10 Things We Experience while Travelling in Train

From Ambani’s to Bachhans to Aam Aadmi all of us at some point in life have experienced train journey at least once and even those who have traveled once have their ordeal or stories to narrate to all. See how time can do wonders over the years train journey which was fancy for many is now the most used mode of transportation, thanks to all who all made it affordable and made the network widespread, but still the situation is not praiseworthy, such that train journey is still a dream to many in remote areas, but Mr. Modi is here so no worry “Achhe din aa gaye”.

Trust me if you want to see actual India then train safari will give you a heartfelt scenario of Indian land, yes once you have boarded the train next few hours you will have closer look to culture, lifestyle, habits, taste and conduct of your surroundings.

There are many but to list few happenings of train journey are given below.

#01 Tea and its varieties

Believe me in life you will never taste these many tea varieties as you experience in train journey and icing on the cake is even the cheapest and costliest are charged same by hawkers. If you are lucky one you get tasty tea but most of the time I am unlucky and have wasted some bucks in hope of tasting a better one. Some are plain brown water and some are flavored brown water, milk is like extinct for them.

#02 Hourly friendship

New concept, but in train journey if you gel well with your neighbor then people exchange numbers but after they reach their final destination it is a full stop for most of the people. But for the hours you spend in train friendship blossoms and it’s a good time pass.

#03 Local food

Agra ka Petha, Abu ki Rabdi, Bharuch ki Seeng and Mumbai ka Halwa and many more specialties of particular place are easily available on pass by stations and inside the train also. Such luxury is missed by elite using flight and air means. See there is a benefit of being middle class also savors the local food.

#04 Family time

By family time, I mean that those who are going for long distance and are travelling single and if also lucky (again, see luck is so important in life) then might, in fact most of the time find family, as the singles mingle so well with other families present in their compartment that singles gets homely feeling families are omnipresent.

#05 Breeze or Air

If you are travelling in sleeper class then you might get nostalgic as a similar feeling of sleeping on terrace with natural breeze. Even the noise of the train moving is not disturbing as natural swing and air brings luxurious comfort of A.C., you cannot actually feel the air, it’s very necessary for Metroites as the time nor the infrastructure allows fresh air to enter the city.

#06 Boasting

I have observed two types of boasting during journey. One is when people who have got confirmed tickets boast of their seat numbers to waiting and Poor RAC people and the second one is common one where people boast of their religion, family, family links, money and their status., who knows what the truth is but for time being nobody has the option but to believe the idiot.

#07 Local Fruits

Jamun, Ber, Sitafal and many other local fruits are eye treat for many as although they are available everywhere in all cities but the taste and cheap price we pay in trains makes them all the more juicy and relishing.

#08 World war –III

I can bet my entire wealth if someone comes to me and say that they have never ever seen fights or cold war during their train journey. It is next to impossible as it is Shubh Shagun (just kidding) for people to fight during bon voyage! Some people fight to such extent where it is possibility to declare World war-III and we would be live witness to the war. It’s quite a shame to mention that Janta which boasts of their status and wealth in society even fight for petty things like seat, luggage and space, so what we are sophisticated animals named humans.

#09 Ticket collector & his army

From the time you board the train till final destination, the King (ticket collector) or super boss for few hours does is duty in such a way as he is the supreme and most obedient and dutiful man in the whole world, but reality is different as he roams in the train with whole bunch of people following him, flattering him and filling his pockets. Such experience is not available in any other modes of transport be it flight, bus, taxi or road journey. How ugly his looks might be but we all give him ear to ear smile.

#10 Lifestyle

Train journey is like a litmus test to our lifestyle, the way we talk, we behave, we eat and we dress shows our lifestyle as high class or middle class. Each one of us however busy we are we do not forget to watch to what the other person is upto. We closely watch to as to how our neighbor’s in train is behaving and each one thinks that he she is above other.

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She is passionate person who loves little things in life. She is free spirited person who want to explore zenith of universe. She loves to express, write, cook, dance and takes up challenges of life very positively. She wants to create a billion dollar entrepreneurial venture for solving mundane problems of life.

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Top 10 Things We Experience while Travelling in Train

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