Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch!

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Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

Movies are the perfect channel to express the awesome thoughts going in your mind or any other abstract thing. It’s because they offer a visual experience that helps understand the thought better or help communicate with each other at soul level. Well, not all thoughts are turned into great movies, not all great movies were a good thought initially. It’s just how you perceive them! Some movies are not that good and they are perceived and appreciated very well while some are really good and have a deep meaning to them but they are not really understood in a way they are meant to be understood.

Here are some movies we listed out for you that we think are underrated really.

1. Ship of Theseus

Ship of Theseus Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

One of the best movies I have ever watched! An Indian drama film directed by Anand Gandhi, the film was premiered in 2012. The story is about three different people moving ahead in their life at full pace but face problems due to medical conditions which start affecting their goals.

2. Lunchbox

Lunchbox Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch!

Cupid strikes between a widower played by Irrfan Khan and a woman seeking husband’s attention played by Nimrat Kaur when the tiffin delivery guy makes an error and Nimrta’s tiffin which is supposed to reach her husband ends up delivered to Irrfan Khan.

3. Stanley Ka Dabba

Stanley Ka Dabba Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch!

A story about a fourth grader beautifully played by Partho Gupte and a bad teacher played by his real life dad, Amole Gupte. Partho displays immense charm in his acting and coordinates brilliantly with his father, the bad teacher who eats lunchboxes of the students in recess. Partho never brings lunch to school that enrages the teacher and he threatens his future education if he doesn’t get to eat food from his tiffin anytime soon!

4. Page 3

Page 3 Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch!

A journalist frequently visits the high society parties thrown by the showbiz people and is shocked to find out the realities, insecurities and truths about the lives of the famous people that are never seen on the camera.

5. Parzania

Parzaania Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch!

It’s an Indian drama film released in the year 2007. A foreigner visits India to study Gandhian way and he befriends a Parsi family and while he’s in India, riots burst out in Gujarat. This picture is based on the story of Rupa Mody who lost her son named Parzan in Gujarat riots in 2002.

6. Guru

Guru Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies Must Watch

An awesome movie for entrepreneurs and ambitious people who want to do something big in their lives. This story is about a small Gujarati villager who makes it big and becomes the biggest Industrialist of India. The movie deals with the high and lows of the life of an entrepreneur and perfectly depicts the sacrifices that he makes. This movie is loosely based on the life story of Reliance Group founder ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’.

7. Margarita, with a Straw

Margarita with a Straw Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

This is a great film having one of the best stories starring Kalki Koechlin who plays a character of a woman suffering from cerebral palsy who falls in love unexpectedly.

8. I Am Kalam

I am Kalam Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

A beautifully depicted story about a poor boy who is inspired by our late ex-president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and decides to rename himself as ‘Kalam’ and someday meet the legend too.

9. Udaan

Udaan Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

An awesome freaking movie starring Ronit Roy who plays a role of a very strict father who assaults his kid too much but then tables turn when the elder kid plans an escape taking along his small brother along with him. The story is beautifully depicted with an amazing camera work!

10. Khosla ka Ghosla

Khosla Ka Ghosla Top 10 Underrated Bollywood Movies you Must Watch

A very epic movie with a comic taste! The story revolves around a land which is previously owned by Anupam Kher but then it’s forcefully grabbed by a bad guy named ‘Khurana’ played by Boman Irani. The desperate attempts of getting the land back actually tickles your rib!

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