What not to feed your pet?

What not to feed your pet

We are totally familiar with the fact that chocolate contains the compound called theobromine which can be toxic to our pet dogs and cats, but did you know there are some other foods that could be harmful to them too? Read along people.

Things you should never feed your pet

Grapes, raisins and currants

They are extremely dangerous to our cute little pet sweeties. Kidney failure can be caused by ingesting even a minute amount of any of these.

Onions and Garlic

It may seem of much importance to us but when it comes to our pet feeding it’s a big no-go. They can cause shortage of red blood cells and cause anemia in cats and dogs. In case if your pet has ingested by mistake and which seems to be a tiny amount, the damage can be reversed painlessly if treated immediately.

Alcoholic Drinks

It’s may be an awesome experience getting drunk and high on alcohol and kicking all the sorrows and tensions in the ass but not for our pet little ones mate. They damage kidneys and livers heavily, dizziness, lack of coordination and also alcohol poisoning in both humans and pets.

Yeast Dough

It can expand inside of the stomach of our pets causing severe abdomen pain by stretching beyond its limits.

Chicken bones

They are extremely delicate and thin and the worst part is that they shatter into small pieces under force, that shards might get stuck or puncture our pet’s stomach, esophagus or larynx.

Mint, Gum and Toothpaste

They usually contain Xylitol that cause dogs to release excess insulin in their bodies which results in low blood sugar. Sometimes even a tiny amount can cause severe side effects or even cause seizures. Cats are not really affected by Xylitol but it should be kept beyond the reach of cats and dogs both just to be on the safer side.

NOTE: If you suspect your pet has consumed something harmful, call your vet immediately. Have the best information ready as you can including what and how much amount of that harmful substance was eaten and the normal weight of your pet.

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What not to feed your pet?

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