Which things to buy and which to borrow for newborn babies?

Which things to buy and which to borrow for newborn babies

It’s been about two years roughly I recall, I was at the wedding of my best friend along with other friends from college. She’d only invited the special ones who were really close to her and knew her from inside out. She was looking stunning in her wedding dress but also wore a glimpse of sadness on her face that only we could see. Soon she migrated and settled in another state with her husband and our daily texts converted to weekly text. After a while, her life was totally busy with her new found work, family, etc. and all that was left between us and her were holiday texts which further grew into birthday texts once a year. We were almost totally cut off from her and just after some time after that she bombed our phones with a huge good news text that she was about to be a mom! We all cheered for her and wished her all the luck in the world for entering into a different aspect of life. Now, she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She asked me to help her with buying things as she didn’t know what things to buy. Well, she had her relatives showering her with all the baby caring things they had of their babies and asked her not to buy anything new as everything was available to her, hands down. She was confused whether to buy or borrow these things that were to be used for a very limited time in her life until the baby got grew up. So, I stepped up and went through a little trouble for her to list out things that she can borrow and all the things she must buy. Check out the following:

1. Cribs

Obviously a borrow. They are the safest to reuse and don’t involve any health risk to the baby. But mattresses inside them should be regularly cleaned and replaced every day as they may house bacteria from the dust particles which gets stuck to them.

2. Bathing stuff

A must buy. Tubs are often kept in the bathroom after the bath and this continuous contact of the tubs with the water and moisture in there may form algae on the basement of the tubs which often make them slippery and dangerous. Kids often bite the edges of the tub and that damage grows into cracks and wears the tub quickly. So, buy a plastic tub with rounded or smooth edges with slip resistant base.

3. Feeders

You can either buy or borrow, you’re good to go. Milk bottles, breast pumps, spoons etc. Well, breast feeding is best for any infant but sometimes based on the situations you need all these feeding stuff too. As long as you sterilize it, you’re good!

4. Baby seats & baby strollers

You can borrow this one without any doubt! There is no rule really in India for baby seats in the car you drive but safety should be the first concern and I think it’s must to have a seat specially sized for a baby in terms of safety. They are very rigid and do not get damaged that easily. They usually stay upto six years and some are still good to use. But when you borrow it, lookout for cracks or any wear and tear. If it’s too old, don’t borrow. As for the strollers, check for brakes, movability of all the wheels, handlebars, frame strength, straps. If everything seems great, you’re all set!

5. Toys

A must buy too! It’s kind of a tradition really to pass the toys of the older child to the younger one but you should actually avoid it. Toys are generally lingering on the floor and infants often put them in their mouth. No matter how much you clean them but there are always germs on them. Try out this awesome test called toilet paper roll test. If a toy passes through the hole of the toilet paper roll, it’s an absolute choking hazard. Avoid toys that are battery operated. Watch out for choking, poking, strangulating, electrocuting hazards.

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