World’s cheapest phone starting deliveries from June 28!

World's cheapest phone starting deliveries from June 28

It seems like things finally fell into right places for the lesser known company Ringing Bells, when it announced that the deliveries of their very phone Freedom 251 priced at Rs. 251 will be beginning from June 28th making it the world’s cheapest phone. The site had started the pre-bookings long back and today they announced that the customers who had pre-booked the phone will start getting the deliveries said the company’s director Mohit Goel.

Ringing Bells first started the sale of Freedom 251 in February promoting it as the world’s cheapest phone pricing just Rs 251. But the promotion was not really well appreciated by the people who mislabeled it as a fraud. The sale was on for only two days which resulted in huge traffic flow to the site all at once crashing down the website.

Freedom 251 Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells claimed, despite the website running into a technical snag, 30,000 orders were received in just two days and over 7 crore people registered for it. However, the company had to withdraw the product due to resistance from the government and return everyone’s money back to those who already paid for the phone in advance. Later, the company decided that it’s going to deliver phones to those who ordered it by Cash On Delivery (COD) mode and were still awaiting the delivery.

The President of the company Ashok Chaddha had explained earlier that the manufacturing of the phone costs about Rs 2,500 and the losses were recovered in various ways like economies of scale, innovative marketing, reduction in duties and creating an e-commerce marketplace. He had also said that the company would make phones in India itself that’ll cut the duties up to 13.8 and saving more by selling it online.