Wow Benefits to go Mad over Mangoes this Summer!

Wow Benefits to go Mad over Mangoes this Summer!

It shines Yellow, Green and Red in heaps at every nook and corner of streets, and the moment you glance at them, feeling of summer percolates deep down and you imagine yourself slurping them. At the onset of the season, they are heavy on pockets and but as middle month of the year arrives, they steal all the Mangolight (sorry limelight) easily as they are universal and you can buy them at value for money price.

Mango is a versatile fruit as not only the flesh but the orchard, leaves as well as seed of the fruit has to bombast of many health benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Fleshy Juicy Pulp

Ever wondered why the fruit tastes so Yummy!.Credit goes to abundant Fibres, Vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidant compound present in it. The flesh is excellent source of Vitamin-A and flavonoids. Combination of all these nutrients helps in winning over chronic diseases like oral, breast and lung cancers. Eating one mango daily provides great relief to digestive problems like Constipation and acidity, due to the laxative nature of the fruit. Potassium is present in abundance in it and 2 mangoes provide upto 160 gm of it, which helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.

Leaves of mango tree

The lip smacking flesh of the mango is savored by all, but apart from this the leaves of mango tree as well as big oval seed of mango also offers many medicinal benefits. Leaves of mango tree is used for remedial purpose like, treating kidney stones, ear stones, gum problems, hiccups, diabetes and blood pressure problems. Leaves are dried, crushed, boiled or soaked in water for extracting out salutary benefits from it.

Oval seed of Mango

Trust me you will never lob the seeds, as they offer many benefits. Once these seeds are completely water drenched they are powdered. The cost effective powder is used for many common problems like dandruff treatment, women’s reproductive health problems, hair loss, dental health, diarrhea, weight loss and instant relief from bee or scorpion bite.

The dried powder is also used to flavor and tanginess to many Indian dishes, it is popularly termed as “Amchur” and is main ingredient to most of our dishes and snacks.

Raw Mango

Raw mangoes or Kachi Keri are enticing as they are aromatic and tarty in nature.Freshly cut or grated Keri are used to prepare Aam ka Aachar, Chhunda or Murabba which are preserved with layer of oil and spices and can be relished year long.

Mango orchards

Mango orchards create scenic landscapes as they grow upto 65 ft. As they are dense and dark in color they provide shade and relief to many in scorching heat season.

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