10 Signs that your Body may be in Trouble

10 Signs that your Body may be in Trouble

1. Handwriting Change

You may keep wondering why you can’t write beautiful just like you used to, but in reality, your brain is silently going through difficulties and is not able to abide with your creative skills. The primary signs of a brain in trouble is your handwriting getting smaller and smaller as you write. The words will be more rabbled together and it will be hard even for you, to understand what you have written.

2. Finding it onerous to do basic math.

If you find it arduous to do basic math like adding or subtraction, especially when you manage your finances, you need a check-up my friend. Doctors often confirm it by giving you some simple math problem to solve like subtracting 7 from 100 and keep doing that from the results you get. If a person of a young age scuffles, then his brain is possibly in trouble. It can be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Random mood swings

Depression is a common problem today and most of the people are suffering from it. But when depression really gets you, some people just lie in the bed whole day and don’t see the light of the day at all. But, some of them take it rough by getting irrigated frequently, getting angry. This leads to assaults, violence etc. that gets them in trouble. This is one of the main symptoms that a person needs help!

4. Snoring

Snoring has been a long running problem and has been here since centuries! Snoring is bad for your body because it has been previously liked to heart strokes and now, the latest findings reveal that snoring continuously thickens carotid arteries in the neck. And such damage increases the risk of heart attacks.

5. Impotency

Being sexually futile gets you in a list of people having greater heart attack risks. A study recently, showed that middle to upper middle aged people who were suffering from erectile dysfunction or futility possessed a shocking 60% of greater risks of having heart strokes. There are arteries in the heart as well as in penis. Erectile dysfunction usually relates to the arteries getting blocked due to plaque build up that show signs that arteries in the heart may be facing the same condition.

6. Insomnia

If you can’t sleep well, you are not at all well. Sleeping is an important thing for a human body. Sleep lets the body to chill, relax and make changes abruptly than when awake. An average human is supposed to sleep upto eight hours and if he cannot sleep for even six, then a trip to a doctor is a must. Sleeplessness depict signs of extreme depression and mental imbalance which can further lead to hallucinations and some other complications.

7. Burning sensation in gums

Studies show that people who suffer from gum disease stand a higher risk of having a heart disease. People who have their gum maintained and cared for regularly stand a lower risk of heart strokes because of their thin carotid muscle as contrary to the thick ones in those who have unhealthy gums.

8. Frequent urination

If you feel like your liquid intake is just the same as before but your bathroom trips have increased exponentially, you must consult a doctor immediately. Go for a glucose check and few others if doctor suggests. Frequent washroom trips are an early sign of developing type 2 Diabetes and it is time to take action.

9. Remembering names

It’s okay to forget names once in a while. But, if every now and then you need to struggle to remember names of the friends, relatives, family members, and things like grocery lists, it may be strong signs of hypothyroidism. You need to go to a doctor immediately and get it scrutinized.

10. Skin rashes

A general infection may break out on your skin from all the bacteria around you. That okay really, everyone gets it. But getting it for long time. But sometimes it may be much more serious than that. This kind of symptoms often signal the coeliac disease and leads to much serious problems. Its’ better to stay safe than sorry.

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10 Signs that your Body may be in Trouble

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