10 Unusual Best Friends you have but you Don’t Know About!

10 Unusual Best Friends you have but you Don't Know About

Whoever said that best friends have to be people, were clearly forgetting the famous saying “Books are your best friends”. Which inspires us to think more- are there other best friends whom we don’t give enough credit?

1. Books

For people who like to read, they know how one can lose sense of their surroundings when they’re reading a book. For whoever has genuinely given the books a chance, has found out that it doesn’t disappoint.

2. Peace

I’m sitting in a library right now, writing this article. The sheer silence, brings me peace. And peace, brings calm. Ever felt relaxed when there was no noise, chatter or even movement, around you?

3. Music

Some swear by it. Some say it’s their lifetime. Music also leads to dance, singing, and various other activities. But without it, life would be dull. How many of us admit that their favourite song can make them smile instantly?

4. Technology

Technology can get you a friend, technology can be your friend. Apart from Siri and Cortana, how many of us have learnt a skill online? Or used technology as a getaway?

5. Nature

Mother Nature, though has been neglected now more than often, does not complain. The greenery brings not only good health, but also positive thoughts. Try visiting a garden sometime, take a stroll. You’ll see.

6. Health

As long as the mind and the body is healthy, it is capable of helping you in every way it can. Good health brings positivity as well, and it has the right to be counted as your friend!

7. Your idols

Because, why not? Sure they don’t know you, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t consulted them when in a dilemma, and haven’t they inspired you, guided you? As long as the admiration is healthy and has not turned into obsession, they are your friends.

8. Money

Yes, money can’t buy you happiness, but money can buy you other things than can make you happy! Think about it. Money can get you ice cream. Your favourite, Nutella. The best pizza. And I’m only thinking about food here! But doesn’t it make you happy?

9. Memories

Memories lead to fondness, and experience. Makes you wise. Leads you to grow, and think better. Memories are one of your best friends.

10. You

Because one should never underestimate the power of his/her own self, and not sound preachy (like me), but yes. Some people are so comfortable with their own selves, they do not seek company for every turn of their lives. Be happy and celebrate with yourself, for being with you.

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10 Unusual Best Friends you have but you Don’t Know About!

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