20 Things to do before you Turn 20!

20 Things to do before you Turn 20

Wondering of a bucket list before you’re 20? Check if the following items are on your list:

1. Publish an article.

2. Make an amazing painting.

3. Kiss someone.

4. Have a fight with your best friend and move past it.

5. Fall for someone you can’t have.

6. Confess to a crush.

7. Go on a friends-only trip.

8. Have a heart-to-heart with your parents.

9. Watch porn. (or read an erotica!)

10. Be proud of something.

11. Get kicked out of a class.

12. Figure out what is your motivation.

13. Have a sleepover.

14. Embarrass yourself in front of other people.

15. Do something you regret (a relationship, lending money to a wrong person, hurting a wrong person, etc.)

16. Complete a whole TV/ book series (GoT, Friends, Quantico, Orange is the New Black, Pretty little liars, Sherlock, Suits… whatever rocks your boat)

17. Get Employed.

18. Stay out way past your curfew and get scolded.

19. Inspire someone.

20. Lose someone.

Bonus Point: Make friends with someone you didn’t like in the first place.

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