How to be a Good Employee

How to be a Good Employee?

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When your goal is to make your Reporting Manager or an employer more successful, not only will the company be successful, but it will also help you grow as an Individual in many aspects of your career and Life! Most people confuse career with life while some of them can’t manage work and personal life balance. When you aim to make your employer happy, it doesn’t have to be very flattering. Want to know how to be a good employee? We have got you covered.

Ever wondered, why only a few among hundreds and thousands of employees get awarded as a “Star Performer” or the “Best Employee” awards in their companies? Let’s find out!

There is only one fundamental of being a good employee. That is ‘To do what needs to be done’ rather than procrastinating, being argumentative, participating in conflicts, gossiping, minding others businesses, finding faults in others, playing the blame game, not being on time, being highly unorganized and unprofessional.

How to be a Good Employee?

1. Know company’s strategies and goals be a part of it. Try to know and offer yourself to be a part in it. Know your skills and help them execute where you can.

2. Be on time. When you are disciplined there are 99.99% chances of being successful since there will be no delay in any assignments. Everyone likes people who are sincere, punctual and disciplined because obviously, time is money.

3. Don’t wait to be spoon fed. Act on the tasks given to you and do what needs to be done instead of waiting for assistance. Take responsibilities and ownership, be action oriented and take chances. Nobody wants to hire people who need a lot of hand holding.

4. Keep an eye for the details. Once you can have an eye for detail or be detail oriented you will be able to connect the dots and get things done efficiently!

5. Be ambitious about whatever you do. When you are passionate and ambitious, there will hardly be any day that you could say you worked or you were loaded with work. Ambitious people are self- motivated and the ones who are self-motivated can always motivate others.

6. Be very polite and kind. It’s very important to take criticism gracefully. It’s a proof that you are working. Be polite, no matter what. Being humble, polite and kind can almost kill people who are raging at you! Kindness is a weapons. Being argumentative or contentious leads to nothing but only adds to problems and drive you away from solutions.

7. Know your trade. Mind your own business and never be a part of a gossip. When you work, it’s for yourself. You should never be concerned what others are up to. Respect privacy of other people and know that you came to work not to involve yourself in other people’s life.

8. Always be a helping hand. Offer solutions, not problems. Be vocal about what’s right instead of whining about what’s wrong. When you go to your line manager with a problem, don’t forget to offer a solution as well. Try mentoring your associates and juniors. Give appropriate feedback politely & don’t forget to give credits when needed.

9. Share your ideas. Share ideas but don’t expect that those will be implemented for sure. The company will always do what is right for the company, not an individual.
Hope this article was helpful. Do let us know if we missed anything.

Dimple Khubchandani
Career transition expert. She sells skilled and talented people to companies. Has been on both the sides of table as an HR and a recruitment consultant . A mentor to startups. Dimple caters to almost all domains and from startups to fortune 500 companies pan India. Loves to write sometimes, adventurous, happy go lucky person who loves to travel and dance .