How to Boost your Self Control

How to Boost your Self Control?

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Have you ever thought why are you suddenly getting bored, feel like going home from work, just had enough of the work when the day is not over yet? Well. You’re not alone, we all often feel the same! The human brain is really powerful and concentrates on your work you do with full potential. But even the finest God made machine needs a break to continue to perform at the same level! Thus, it gets off tracked after continuously focusing and malfunctions signalling a need for a break! Well, don’t you worry, we’ve got here things to do, that will help set your mind back on track!

5 Ways to Boost Self Control

1. Social media

The fashion nowadays, many studies have proved and suggested that taking time off from your mainline tasks and getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter etc. is perfectly fine and actually needed. It’s mesmerizing really to get engrossed in watching all those cute cat videos on the internet and soothe your mood regardless of what work are you doing. Researches show that all those funny light hearted videos pacify your mood really, and restores your diminished willpower to get you back on the track!

2. Television

It is a human tendency to get motivated by the impulse of the characters in the movies. Because they relate themselves with the characters. Television lets you watch movies and when there is an inspirational movie playing on showing how the actor struggled through his difficulties and soared to the apex, your mind often gets all hyped up seeing someone achieving their goal. This makes you think that you too can achieve a goal and you absolutely must. That resultantly makes you get back to work reinstating your strong determination!

3. Hot beverages!

Coffee and tea are the evergreen refreshers and you learn that in college when you stay up late studying! Caffeine may be infamous for its harmful effects on the body, but if taken in controlled reasonable amounts, it boosts your mind power and gives you a thrust to go ahead with our work! Scientists have proved that caffeine helps stabilize the autonomous nervous system and makes you placid and more aware at the same time.

4. Food

Food is one of the basic needs of life. When you are all focused having a strong willpower, you mind runs at highest speed and thus, consumes the maximum resources. So, the reason your willpower and focus gets blurred is because your body is running out of the resources and needs a top-up. Take a break from that heavy work of yours and stroll out the house to buy a burger, bacon or whatever quick snack you can get! Don’t fill up your stomach till the notch because that will then make you somnolent. Just a small smudge to restore your will power and then, you should be fine to perform at your highest level and be back to work!

5. A short siesta

Have you felt really fresh and ready just after getting up from the sleep like today it’s gonna be your day? Well, the willpower is at its peak after your mind wakes up fresh from the sleep! When you work ceaselessly, the mind gets tired and fluctuates the amount of focus. Take a short nap and that will surely get you on your track! Probably the best thing you can do to restore your willpower, don’t you concur?

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