Everything You Need To Know About Pet Grooming

Pet grooming

Pets are the dearest of all! We all love them like we love our children and they somehow kinda are like our children, till a certain extent! But just like our children, we need to keep our pets well-groomed at all times! So we figured, why not to write an article about the same? And here we are talking about pet grooming! Let’s plunge in!

Pet Grooming Tips for your Dog and Cat

1. For clipping their nails, make sure you get them accustomed since they are kittens! If you have bought or adopted an adult one, don’t despair! Cats are free spirits and don’t like to be restrained! Same goes for the dogs, but if you have patience, adult dogs can be easily trained to handle their paws! Clippers are available in numerous shapes and sizes that help you hold the tool easily and cut the nails efficiently. Don’t just take a big bite of the nail with the clipper because that will freak the pet out. Just get their nails done by an expert groomer and you must watch and learn.

2. Clean out your dog’s outer ear by dipping a soft cloth in mineral oil or baby oil. Dogs having ears that are saggy will be needing more care as they touch the ground and collect many bacteria comparatively. Thus, settling more wax and debris in the areas of the ear that is difficult to reach! Cleaning the ear is really important if the dog goes outdoor or lays in the water or a pool! And as long as you have cat, just clean it with a wet cloth. They pretty much clean themselves! They are very self-aware!

3. Eyes are always moisturized and have sticky fluids in them. That is the main reason bacteria house there! Dogs having wrinkled faces such as bulldog will need an eye clean-up very often. Just use a soft cloth dipped in warm water and gently dab around the eyelids and around eyes.

4. We’ll the only thing pets do the most is bite and try to chew every possible thing at your home! There are bacteria all over your house no matter how hard you try and clean it. The dogs and cats bite things and the bacteria make their way into their mouths through that. Thus, the risk of getting offshore by any infection is high! Don’t worry, there’s a rather easy solution to it! You need to brush their teeth just like do yours! You can easily purchase all the accessories online like toothbrush for dogs, a toothpaste specifically made for dogs and whatnot! Use the brush when the pet cuddles with you or just cover your hand in a thick cloth and rub the teeth of your dog gently whenever you can! Do this every few days to keep him afar from any kind of infections!

5. Whenever you take the pet to a professional groomer, let it be a cat or a dog, it’s better to shampoo your pet in advance at home. They are very fond of their owners and chances are high that the dog will not be calm and act all aggressive when the groomer puts his hands on your dog! Also, make sure you get your dog ready at home by making him poop and pee before going to the groomer. They handle dozens of dogs each day and chances are that they will get frustrated and wont treat your dog with care as much as you! and for cats, I guess it better to let them cleans themselves. the are they neat and tidy themselves

So, keep in mind these simple pet grooming tricks and tips to make pet grooming efficient and gleeful! Tell us if we missed on something. We’d love to hear from you!

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