Gaurav Tiwari, Indian Ghostbuster dies mysteriously!

Gaurav Tiwari Indian Ghost Buster dies mysteriously

He was an aficionado in solving paranormal bemuses and now the puzzle of his uncanny death remains. Gaurav Tiwari, CEO and founder of Indian Paranormal Society was found dead under bewildering circumstances in the bathroom of his flat at Dwarka. He was 32 years old at the time of his quietus and police suspect that Gaurav committed a suicide but no suicide notes or any such proof have been discovered yet. The family was stunned and told police that there is no way Gaurav Tiwari could have committed suicide because he was perfectly normal just before he died.

He was a qualified pilot according to the website of Indian Paranormal society and have visited over 6000 destinations to investigate hauntings, UFO abductions and mysterious creatures. According to TOI, Gaurav’s father Uday said that they never believed in ghosts but Gaurav’s death has left them perplexed. His father also explained how Gaurav Tiwari told his wife just few months ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had also said that he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so and how Gaurav’s wife ignored it discerning it as a depression related to work.

Surendra Kumar, DCP (southwest) has instigated a judicial inquiry under 174 CrPC in case of unnatural deaths, to dig out the mystery behind this sudden mysterious demise of Gaurav Tiwari. Gaurav’s friends said that his career as a commercial pilot took a hit as he shifted into a new house that was believed to be haunted and this was the time when he decided to take up the study of paranormal. He went ahead and also got himself a certificate of expertise in paranormal activity studies.

Uday Tiwari said they heard a sudden thud in the bathroom around 11AM and they all galloped to check what happened. But as the bathroom was locked, Uday’s daughter in law peeped through an opening and found him lying unconscious in the bathroom. They broke into the bathroom somehow and tried to resurrect Gaurav but they didn’t get a single response. They then rushed Gaurav to the hospital but it was too late and he couldn’t survive. Gaurav Tiwari lived in an apartment located in sector 19 of Dawrka with his wife and parents and at the time of his death, Uday was checking mails and his daughter in law was having coffee in the drawing room.

“He was a certified paranormal investigator, a certified UFO field investigator and a para-nexus representative in India. He has been part of shows such as Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone and MTV’s girl’s night out with VJ Ranvijay. He has shows like Bhoot Aaya and Fear Files to his credit. He also acted in two movies, 16 December and Tango Charlie,” said a colleague who talked with TOI and chose to remain anonymous. The Indian paranormal society members too expressed their immense grief on the sudden unfortunate demise of the CEO.

Due to the unknown reason of the death, his death resultantly became a police case and a postmortem of Gaurav’s body was conducted. A black line around Gaurav’s neck was found by the police and they suspect the cause of the death was asphyxia. Police was unable to find a single clue when they searched Gaurav’s home and his cell phone. The police said possibility of Gaurav’s demise by falling on the floor of the bathroom may be the very case and is being further explored to get a confirmation. Meanwhile, police are awaiting the complete autopsy report to arrive.

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