5 Reasons why this is a Great Time to be Alive!

5 Reasons Why this is a Great Time to be Alive

It’s always great to be alive! This world is already the best place to live offering us so much to survive! But, epochs change, centuries elapse and so does the trends and fashions. Here we are today taking about why it is the matchless time to be breathing in this century!

1. Urbanization!

Cities are the best places to live in because, it’s a fact that city denizens take up very small space as compared to country dwellers and impact the environment lesser than the country people. The cities around the world now accommodate half of the world’s population but uses only about 4% of the total land! Cities may break hearts of the environmentalists but the best thing is to build a skyscraper and accommodate many people in to a very negligible place, that too comfortably without damaging the environment much!

2. Poverty is gradually decreasing

Rich are getting richer but poor don’t hold back now. The facts say that the poor people have been better since Independence and the overall rate has fairly nosedived and the remunerations have surged since India became a free country! The figures reckoned by the UN is that the poverty has reduced more in 50 years than it did in the previous 500 years.

3. Shopping at ease!

Shopping has never been so easier. With the new inventions of gadgets and smartphone, everything is at your fingertips. One of the best things you can do online is shop your heart out!

There is something available for everyone online and that too at a very reasonable price with all the discounts and offers. The best thing about shopping online is there is no confine on diversities and you have abundant choices to pick from!

4. Environment is good!

People are being aware of the harsh upshots humans cause by havocking the natural environment and efforts to restore it are being undertaken. Even the big personalities like the legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio are supporting and promoting efforts to save the environment. Also, automobiles made today are especially designed to produce incredibly low amounts of pollution than compared to the car in nineties! A car produced in this decade, running at full speeds, actually emit low pollution than a car just parked outside did from its liquids in the nineties! Seas, lakes, ponds, rivers are being cleaned now due to the constant efforts being made. Large gardens are often established right in the middle of the cities to maintain the environmental equilibrium for a healthy life.

5. Globalization

Due to advancing technology, access to the things from around the world is like a knife to a butter! You can view, buy and use things from almost every corner of the world. It’s very easy to connect to those places far away where people didn’t even imagine going to in the nineties! There are even people earning their livelihood on the global trades. And not only you can just buy things from abroad and around the world with the help of internet, but you can also sell things to someone in any area of the world all at a click of a button!

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