Hebbar’s Kitchen disappeared!

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Hebbar's Kitchen Disappeared

What really happened to Hebbar’s Kitchen?

If you can’t find Hebbar’s Kitchen’s videos on Facebook, here’s the reason why!

Food videos are really popular on Facebook these days especially since the launch of the Tasty facebook page. Everyone is making quick food recipe videos to garner some likes and shares for their Facebook Page. One such popular Indian Recipe page is/was Hebbar’s Kitchen!

Hebbar’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Archana Hebbar – an Indian food blogger from Melbourne, Australia. Her Facebook page had a following of more than 300,000 likes and her videos were shared a few thousand times. Hebbar’s kitchen was popular for vegetarian South Indian recipes and Indians both local and abroad were sharing these recipes and trying them at home.

Within a month or so after these videos went viral, other popular Indian food bloggers smelled something fishy. Turns out, Archana Hebbar was not an honest blogger and she committed the number one sin of blogging – plagiarism. That’s right! Her recipes that were so hugely popular were actually copy pasted from other renowned food bloggers who had written these recipes 2-4 years before they were published by Hebbar’s Kitchen.

Now many argue that how can recipes be original? For example – a basic recipe for rawa idli cannot change massively. That’s true. However, Hebbar’s Kitchen copied everything from other bloggers and this includes the introductions as well. Now that’s nasty…. Not tasty!

After realizing what Hebbar’s Kitchen was doing, many food bloggers took to Facebook. They took screenshots of the copied recipes. They even curated a list of all the blogs from which the recipes were copied! Some solid research work was done by Hebbar’s Kitchen! The list of food bloggers that were the source behind the popular Hebbar’s Kitchen videos are:

  1. www.smithakalluraya.com
  2. www.ticklingpalates.com
  3. www.jeyashriskitchen.com
  4. manjulaskitchen.com
  5. archanaskitchen.com
  6. padhuskitchen.com
  7. monsoonspice.com
  8. www.lakshmicanteen.com
  9. www.udupi-recipes.com
  10. vegrecipesofindia.com

Most of these food bloggers are well established and have loyal fans. They have worked hard for years to come up with original recipes, click photographs, maintain a good blog and build their own food community. Plagiarism is wrong and unethical. What it does is it strips the original author of due credit or appreciation.

When the news of the plagiarism broke out, many fans disliked Hebbar’s Kitchen Facebook Page and reported it as spam! They also commented on Hebbar’s Kitchen posts calling the page a cheat for copying recipes.

The response by Hebbar’s Kitchen: The Facebook page has disappeared, the website is under maintenance and an apologetic email has been sent out to bloggers who contacted them. Before the Facebook page disappeared, Hebbar’s Kitchen replied to one of the comments apologising to every blogger and stating that she regrets her actions…. What she did was wrong and there are no excuses for it and asking people to forgive her!

What’s ironic is that in an interview with Mums and stories website in June 2016 – Archana Hebbar said, “We all know google can throw up any recipes we desire, but the authentic recipes are very difficult to find. So to cook authentic Udupi cuisines I always end up calling my mom, grandmother and mother in law for the tips and variations to make the dish perfect” Hmmm…. Intriguing!

This whole incident definitely makes us question the integrity of the blogger behind Hebbar’s Kitchen. Will Hebbar’s Kitchen ever recover from this episode? Maybe not! It’s just sad to see newbie bloggers take this ‘copy paste’ route. Anyway, it’s a good lesson for bloggers who aspire to be popular!

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Hemal is a content developer by day and at night she is an experimental chef! An aspiring entrepreneur, she has coffee running in her veins and wacky business ideas in her brains.Her evolving bucket list includes backpacking across Italy, hosting her own food show and starting her own website! At BuddyBits, she is a friend, philosopher and guide!


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  1. The so called top bloggers have stolen my original recipes too with out giving credits to me. Just FYI. I need to pull out all the recipes which were originally posted by me which was found later reposted on their blog I need to post an article about them too. Shame on these type of bloggers.

  2. We all know most of the recipes by some source that will be from four parents aunt friends tv shows or internet but it will popular bcoz of the good presentation which attracts audience. that what happened with hebbars kitchen also… she has done a attractive video of those recipes so it is popular but others blogs was not so interesting and friendly to watch so they are not popular…. so noboby can blame anyone like this.

  3. She even copied the about me page. Really disappointing when someone goes to such extents of plagiarisms

  4. Oh please! Take it easy. There is no such thing as ‘someone’s’ original recipe. All the traditional recipes are hand-downs and the other fusion recipe’s can’t be claimed as somebody’s original. Ms. Mehta, you don’t have to write such a scathing article about Archana Hebbar of Hebbar’s kitchen. If she made videos which caught people’s eye and if people prefer to learn recipes through her well made videos, you can’t blame her for plagiarism. Is this a story of sour grapes? I’d say, really, take it easy!!!

  5. Well I feel Archana Hebbar is original and innovative. She did not steal any recipe, she wax jist inspired by the other blogs… tried them on her own… made quick and innovative videos. And posted those videos, i mean her own videos. Then what’s wrong in her.

    If someday I read some recipe, give it a try at my kitchen and reproduce the recipe under my name with the pics then it becomes my recipe. If these food bloggers don’t want others to try their recipes then why do they publish it?? Just to earn some vies and money??? Pathetic.

    We love Archana Hebbar and yes her FB page is heading to 12 lakhs of likes now….

  6. Hebbar’s Kitchen is a very professionally made, inspiring video collection. She shows everyday simple Indian and fusion dishes in the most attractive and innovative way. Like regular dosas, palak paneer, sandwiches….. She is extremely talented and very very popular with the innovative video presentations. Archana Hebbar is fabulous. Yes we the world love her! There are thousands of non-indians who are inspired by her everyday. So, for those who post such pathetic comments like she has been chased out of the food blogging world… I have news for you! Get over it. Grow up.

  7. Are you trying to say Idli was invented by Padhu from Padhus kitchen and Dosa and Coconut chutney were invented by Subbu from Subbus kitchen?

    Take it easy! Its the same stuff what each blogger is reproducing on their own blogs…Archana and the Hebbar’s kitchen are just doing it in a way that is commendable , innovative and their impressive videos are reaching out to ppl effectively.

    Now, Chill and try any of the Hebbar kitchen recipes. Check their videos, it seems to be so simple yet delicious.

  8. She is back with more videos 🙂 Now what do we call it?
    Her facebook page is also live and full of new videos 🙂

  9. Omg v cannot expect sambhar to have 250 recipes .. so pls stop blaming her .. it’s the way her recipe videos r presented .. that v all love .. v love her n her recipes so delete ur article for god sake !

  10. I believe its the “grapes are sour” story made up with lots of masala to be believed to be true ..I have been following Hebbar’s videos and tried my hands on the cuisines showed , didn’t fund em manipulative. Pls stop this blame game ,if ur in competition try to he innovative.

  11. It is totally a bid to ruin the popularity of Hebbar’s kitchen..if u r in competition, try to work hard n achieve. Not like this cheap act. Totally jealousy. .thats all

  12. What a joke . No one has a patent over recipes. If that was case then my mother and grandmothers had original recipes.

    Hebbar has put together a simple collection in a very innovative way. Highly watchable and easy to mimic

  13. how mean some comments are. idiots do not understand what copying verbatim means. morons wont get it until they have their hard work stolen. that wman not only copied content but has the audacity to pay people to write for her and make her look good. fools. The wrong doers and the cheats flourish and thats the whole point of this generation

  14. There is nothing called plagiarism in cooking. Plagiarism means copying sentences from an published article and publishing the same matter. You are learning recipes from mom, mom in law n grand moms. It does not mean you are copying from them. Food recipes can never be patented. Grow up before you put the blame on some one. Try to know what is plagiarism

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