10 Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Horror Movies based on True Stories

It is said ‘Never watch a horror movie alone’. True, But we Indians being smart-ass and’ Kisike baap se nahi darta main’ sometimes tend to watch it alone, thinking that they are just made up stories and are made just for fun. Imagine, when you are watching a horror movie, and at the end or the start you come to know that it is based on a true story. *Boom* All the scenes in the movie have actually happened to someone in real life. Literally, those scenes that scared the shit out of us, they have actually happened to someone. Sleepless nights and Scary thoughts start coming up in your mind. Think about it. We have summed up a list of 10 horror movies based on true stories, Check it out!

10 Horror movies based on true stories

1The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is based on a book of the same name, which itself was a big success. The book and the movie were inspired by the exorcism of Ronald Doe which took place in 1949. It is known that while the shoot was taking place, various incidents took place and the set was considered ‘cursed’. For e.g. the toddler son of one of the main actors being hit by a motorbike and hospitalized.