Paper boat Review

Paper Boat Review: An Enrapturing Drink!

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So, here we were working normally on a fine blue breezy day and a courier arrives at the door of our office! We all wondered what it really was in that package. So we couldn’t help but open the package and there came out a light pink and white tinged coffer of goodies from Paper Boat with some beautiful lines scripted on it titled ‘A box of memories’! Presenting to you Paper Boat review.

Paperboat Drinks Review

Paper Boat Review

We were all glee to see the Paper Boats beautifully lying in the box awaiting to be popped! Paper Boat had sent us samples to give all you guys a review on our BuddyBits and we were all were very willing do to just that after this marvelous move by Paper Boat! The drink was packed in a soft packaging and not a hard plastic bottle which really gave it an asymmetric look and made it look more appealing! The graphics on the drink was just mesmerizing and had a touch of the trending ‘flat style’ to it! So, finally we couldn’t wait more and popped them open and everyone tested it sip by sip!

But before that, I myself assailed on the website of Paper Boat in order to get to know more about the product and what I saw took my breath away! I sure never did saw an amazingly crafted website like Paper Boats’. The website has dozens of stunning light hearted graphics with phrases ad writings that throws us back to our platinum times when we used to go to the school! It brings back everything about the games we played, the toffees we ate, those beautiful lost landscapes where there are buildings now and zillions of our hearty memories! There are so many names of our childhood games listed on the site in the column named ‘memories’ that hits you right in the feels!

We grew up. We looked back.
“A simpler time”, we said, a bit wistfully.
We looked back, wanted to touch it.
Reached out for it; longed for it.
We looked back, and we looked around.
And there were no evil bosses, just characters from a comic book.
No notes during dull presentations, just incomprehensible doodles.
No traffic, just nameless faces with complex back-stories.
No bad assessments, just report cards to be hidden.
No cricket match to be missed, just a stomach-ache to be feigned.
Life was so beautiful.

The whole concept of Paper Boat is based on childhood memories. They’ve unraveled the reason behind the question of ‘Why Paper Boat?’ very captivatingly!

Why Paper Boat?

It goes like:

‘Your first craft lesson. Your first rain when you were allowed to go out. Your first sense of accomplishment. Your first sense of loss as it drowned. Your first life lesson about staying afloat in harsh circumstances. Your first science lesson about buoyancy. A paper boat implies a lot of firsts. But it also signifies a different world. With different priorities. Maybe it implies a Tagore poem of the same name.

Paper Boats by Rabindranath Tagore

“Day by day I float my paper boats
One by one, down the running stream.
In bid black letters I write my name on them
And the name of the village where I live.
I hope that someone in some strange land
Will find them and know who I am.
I load my little boats
With shiuli flower from our garden
And hope that these blooms of the dawn
Will be carried safely to land in the night.
I launch my paper boats and look up into the sky
And see the little clouds setting thee white bulging sails.
I know not what playmate of mine in the sky
Sends them down the air to race with my boats!
When night comes I bury my face in my arms
And dream that my paper boats float on and on
Under the midnight stars.
The fairies of sleep are sailing in them,
And the lading ins their baskets full of dreams”.

Or maybe it tells us that no matter who you are, where you lived or what you’ve done in your life, you remember how to make a paper boat right?

Paperboat Review

So the real question is:

Why not Paper Boat?

So now, let’s get down to more awesomeness! We had received Chilli-Guava flavored drinks and it was just enough for everyone in the office to taste and confer their angle on the taste! Paper Boat isn’t actually a drink. It’s a non-carbonated fruit juice with pulp and minute particles of the fruit blended all together! The taste seemed too good to be true to me so I waited for everyone to speak of it and when everyone agreed to my review of this drink to be ‘just too good’, I had to believe that this is it! Everyone was like ‘What?? It’s so a natural juice’. We quaffed down Chilli-Guava Paper Boats in matter of seconds! It perfectly compares to the drink that you get on the juice shops that you love hanging around but it is very clean and tidy void of any bacteria unlike those stalls plus you get the pulp indulged in the juice too! The drink stands out from any other drinks in the market and honestly there are hardly other product of the same kind that couldn’t match the altitude of the Paper Boat yet!

Paper Boat is currently available in umpteen flavors like Chilli Guava, Aamras Juice, Jamun Kala Khatta Juice, Jaljeera Juice, Aampanna Juice, Kokum Drink Juice, Ginger Lemon Iced Tea, Sherbet-E-Khaas and Rose Tamarind! Well, you may or may not find all of them at the store next to you but that’s just one art called distribution that Paper Boat hasn’t mastered yet! But no issues, really. You can easily visit Amazon and buy any flavour you want and get the awesomeness delivered at your doorstep! A 250 ML pack of paper boat is price at Rs. 30 only and is a fair deal really, considering the quality, taste and build. Hope you liked our Paper Boat review.

While we were surfing their website to know more for Paper Boat review, we came across this memories section. They have these ‘memories’ videos put up on their website peculiarly designed for each and every flavor that relates so much to our childhood that unfailingly brings out all the tears we’ve kept holding back!

Check out videos:

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