5 Honest Questions to Social Media Friends!

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5 Honest Questions to My Social Media Friends!

1. Do I need to like each picture more than once?

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What really bothers me is the fact that my friends keep posting the same pictures on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook. my question to them is do they really want me to like the same picture on every platform? Or is it okay for me to just like the picture on Instagram? Sometimes I feel obligated to like a picture multiple times just because I feel my friends might feel bad if they don’t see a like from me.

2. Do I need to like your memories?

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer

Facebook love to remind us what we did one year back or two years back or five years back! But I like the memory when it actually happened in real time or when you posted it in that particular year. Am I obligated to like that memory five years down the line? What if we were close friends back in the day but now we know longer talk and yet you choose to tag me in one of those memories? #awkward

3. Do my birthday wishes matter to you?

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer

There are some people that I interact with only on their birthdays. And by interact I mean I send them a happy birthday post on Facebook. I really want to know if that one birthday message makes any difference to you? I mean if we didn’t bother talking to each other during the whole year, how does a simple happy birthday post by me on your wall make any difference to you? Most probably it would just get lost in the few hundred other messages that you are going to get on the particular day. So is it okay if we stop the obligatory happy birthday messages on Facebook?

4. Is it really necessary to make your Twitter a snapshot of your Facebook profile?

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Why share Facebook updates on Twitter? Why do I need to know that you posted hundred pictures on Facebook and read this on Twitter? There is a reason why many choose to be on Twitter – they don’t like the updates people post on Facebook. So why would you ruin my Twitter timeline by posting stuff about what you do on Facebook?

5. Automated random tweets about weather or international space station flying or your daily newspaper.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer

What I mean is if you can’t bother posting something original on Twitter or have conversations or even try to understand Twitter, then why even bother posting anything? No one expects you to be on Twitter if you don’t want to be there. No one. absolutely no one wants to know if the international space station is flying above them. And that automated tweet thanking me when I follow you, absolutely unnecessary!

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