Why rich gets richer and poor gets poorer?

Why rich gets richer and poor gets poorer

We know rich gets richer and poor gets poorer with time. But have you thought why? If you are born in a middle class family, there are higher chances that you’ll spend your entire life in a middle class family. If you are born in a poor family, you’ll probably die in the same poor condition. Why?

We are raised under the influence of our environment. What your family earns, how your family spends that money and how you live your life when you are young writes your future. If you are born at Ambanis, you are not gonna go bankrupt. Probably because of the inherited wealth. But the most affecting factor is the way you are raised.

For example, let’s assume you hail from a middle class family. You are taught from the beginning that your family need 30,000 rupees per month to run smoothly. When you are young, you see your father and mother struggling to get 30,000 rupees and to run the home. So while growing up, you start believing that 30,000 is what you’ll have to bring home when you grow up. The amount may change with the time, but it isn’t going to change drastically. So you make up your mind that you’ll have to bring home 30,000 to run your family. Now here is the trick. Now think about the poor family. His home is running in 15,000 per month. So the children at poor family will always believe they have to bring 15,000 to run the house. And same with the elite class. Anant Ambani is taught that they’ll need money in crores to run the home. So he will prepare himself according to that while growing up.

If you are not ambitious in life, you will end up living the same life you were born in. If you won’t dream about the car you’ve always wanted thinking about your family, you will never have that car. If you will never dream about the mansion you want to live in, you will end-up living in the same flat or a raw-house your family has lived. The poor, if aimed high, can only reach to the middle class. And the middle class, if aimed high can only reach to upper middle class during their life. Dramatic transformation takes a lot of will power. We have heard stories of poor transforming into a millionaire. But how often does it happen? Maybe one in a million times. That kind of transformation takes a lot of hard work, dedication and willingness to transform your life. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also, when we hear stories of poor becoming a millionaire, one of the most important factors in their success is their environment. In 99% of such cases, the person has left the family and settled in a bigger city. For example, Jayesh Desai (MD, Rajhans Group) moved to Surat from a small town in Saurashtra to earn his bread. As he was living away from the family, the belief to earn 15,000 per month, or 30,000 per month faded. He was living away from the family. He had no pressure from the family. There was no one to tell him that he cannot buy a car or a mansion. There were less people who laughed on him when he said, he wants to be number one in real estate or wants to conquer the hospitality industry or wants to compete with top 3 chocolate brands of India. That is the reason he could do all of these.

If you need to transform your life dramatically, if you don’t want to end up in a life you were born in, you need to start aiming big. You need to stop thinking it isn’t possible. You need to start believing in your dreams. And most importantly, you need to start working hard to achieve your dreams. Get rid of all people who say you cannot do it. You do not need to prove them anything. You need to prove it to yourself. Do it for yourself and your family. Gift your family a better and bigger lifestyle. You do not need to settle for what you have. Dream big and get that car you’ve always wanted. Work hard and build the mansion you always dreamt of.

Hope you liked the article. Write down your views in comments. I will be waiting to hear from you. Happy dreaming!

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