Sapna Vyas Patel

Sapna Vyas Patel, Woman who did the unthinkable!

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We all know how we plan to diet and then it’s again all the same after few days and then we really don’t care that much! But then, there are some people who actually want diet and lose wait. They want make their lives better. These are the people who never give up on their determination and dreams! There are only few, who actually make it to the end and achieve what they had dreamed. This is a story about a beautiful woman Sapna Vyas Patel, who proved to be one of those strong willed people and transformed herself from an obese body condition into an absolute stunning well-toned in the span of just two years!

It all started in the school days for her when she began to gain weight by eating all the junk and unhealthy food. She didn’t give much thought to it then about the cons of gaining weight and the problems related to it. But then, can we blame her? We are living in a world of KFC, McD and Pizza Hut. She often became center of all jokes in her group as her friends made fun of her obesity. She soon realized that the problem was much more serious than she actually thought. She slowly found it difficult to move around and do daily life tasks due to her excessive weight. She was very tired of everything and finally made up her mind to do something about it!

Sapna Vyas Patel started exercising and slowly began cutting off her meals as a primary step. But, she started feeling weak due to low food consumption and eventually regained weight after a failed attempt. But, as a person she was, she just wouldn’t give up! After regaining some weight, she started to think harder and more seriously about it. This time, she just didn’t randomly cut her food consumption, but she started to study the nutritional values and data and decided to craft her meals scientifically. She knew it was not about losing quickly, but about losing weight permanently in order to never gain it back. It was a turtle’s race and she had to win it slowly and steadily.

Sapna started her journey with strong determination and never looked back! She fought a fierce battle with her overweight body for two long years and successfully decreased 33 KG weight gradually and turned out to be all slim and beautiful. It is really astonishing how we can do wonders if the strong will prevails! She studied the science of losing weight so precisely, that after losing the weight, she looked perfectly toned and stunning and didn’t have any loose skin or side effects that usually come with the weight loss. When she started her weight loss journey, many people opposed her, joked about her but those very people are now her followers and adore her for her amazing transformation.

Sapna Vyas Patel is now a weight loss consultant and helps other people who are in just the same condition as her to shed weight effectively and lead a peaceful and happy life!

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