10 Signs that your Boss is Awesome

10 Signs that your Boss is Awesome

1. He appreciates you.

If your boss keeps an eye on you and appreciates you on your work done, he sure knows how to be a great boss! A great boss with be pals with his employees who work so hard for him and will know how to appreciate that heard work with hearty rewards. This way, the employees know that they are doing right and are on the right track in their career. This sums up to great work quality and probably a promotion if the employee keeps it up!

2. He gives you all the credit and takes the onus!

A good boss will always give laudations to his employees so that they get galvanized and feel important. Employees work hard for six days a week for straight 8 hours, if they feel left out, they probably won’t like to work at that office and eventually quit. But, a great boss knows this and keeps his employees happy. On the other hand, when the things go wrong and south, a good boss will always take the blame thinking that he did not train you or instruct you to do better and hence the failure was due to his gaffe.

3. He is pals with you.

A good boss will always behave more like a friend with you than a boss. He will be all laughing, smiling and joking with you all the time. Even at times of serious work, a good boss will stay casual and cool. If a boss behaves like a friend, this makes him more approachable and you know that he won’t shout on you or get on your nerves if you go to his cabin to discuss something. Basic rule, the more approachable he is, the better boss he is.

4. He hates having meetings.

Meetings are good actually, but only when important stuff is being discussed once in a while. A good boss will be aware of this. But a boss who calls a meeting every now and then isn’t really a good boss. Regular meetings are bad for the employees because they are known to hinder employee’s productivity, rather than enhancing it.

5. He respects you.

A good boss will know that he needs to give respect if wants to be admired in his office. He will be polite to you and often request you than order. A good boss will always use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It may seem a small thing but for a boss, it’s absolutely not.

6. He lets you be yourself.

A good boss will always value your work and will always be open to your suggestions and ideas. He will never dishearten you and oppress you to do the work you hate doing. If it’s necessary, he will request you politely.

7. He is a listener.

If your boss listens to you speak for hours at once, he is awesome! Being a listener takes great prowess and patience. The longing to interrupt you with a suggestion is really strenuous to control and not everyone’s cup of tea!

8. He helps you vanquish difficulties.

A good boss will always have your back. In fact, he will have any of his employee’s back at all times. He will help you actively with your office tasks and help you understand and be better. He may also give you some personal advice on your personal life if you ask for it. If he is not able to, he will simply refuse politely for your good!

9. He is understanding.

Along with being polite and friendly, a good boss will always be understanding. He will be pliable and will know that you have a family and will be happy to vouchsafe you a leave. But, make sure you work twice the hard the rest of the days if you want make your boss proud.

10. He will always love to have fun.

A good boss will always love to have fun and most importantly, know how to have fun! He will devise gatherings, parties, trips to heartwarming destinations with his team every once in a while to make sure his employees don’t get bored of working. He will pick a destination that will improve the welding between him and his team.

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10 Signs that your Boss is Awesome

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