OnePlus One Hanging Problem

How to stop Call Screen Hanging in OnePlus One?

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I have always had that one complaint from my Android Smartphones. The phone hangs too much! You use more than 3 to 4 applications at a time and boom! Everything blanks out! You cannot get it working again without rebooting the phone. And that happens like 10 times a day! Right?

Couple of friends shared reviews of OnePlus One and suggested me to get the flagship killer. After good research on the internet, I bought OnePlus One couple of months ago. And believe me, that is the best smartphone I’ve ever used. (Except for the dust in my back camera, which again went inside the camera after I got the camera cleaned once.) Except the camera problem, the phone was working completely fine. I had no problem until I got the phone updated to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

After I updated my phone to a newer operating system Android 6.0, I started getting OnePlus One hanging problem. My call screen started displaying hanging problems.

Problems I started facing in my OnePlus One after I updated OS to Android 6.0

  1. The call screen goes blank.
  2. You cannot see Favorites, Call Logs or Contacts!
  3. Once you press the Call button, screen takes literally 5 minutes to load.
  4. And that’s not all. It got worse after couple of days. Every time I had to make a call, I had to reboot my phone!
  5. You receive a call, and even if their numbers are saved in your contacts, phone only displays number. You don’t get name.
  6. And even worse, when you get call, the swipe left touch to pick up the call never works!! You need to press the Home button multiple times to pick up the call.

OnePlus One hanging problem was the worst problem that could happen to a smartphone! Imagine, you have an emergency, you try to call someone and your phone doesn’t work! It takes 5 minutes, you need to reboot the phone to make that one important call! And same goes for picking up the call!

So I searched on Google. I didn’t find any solution. I tweeted the problem to OnePlus One.

My Tweet to OnePlus One

Their reply

So I sent them the Screenshot. And they asked me to go to Settings > Apps, find the affected app, force stop, clear the cache and data.

I did the same. I deleted call data and cache from Contacts. But it didn’t change anything. It cured the problem for probably one day. And the problem started again.

How did I cure OnePlus One hanging problem?

So, finally how did I stop this problem? I checked messages. I checked call logs. In messages app, I had over 15 SMSs per day stored since August 2015. And same goes with the call logs. I never deleted the call logs or messages.

I finally deleted all messages. And also deleted the call logs since the day I had bought the phone. I deleted entire data.

And now, my OnePlus One is working perfectly fine! I haven’t faced the hanging problem since I deleted this data manually.

How to delete the data?

  1. For messages: Since Android 6.0 or later doesn’t have Select All option, you will have to delete all messages one by one! Go to messages> settings. Check ‘Swipe to delete’ button. And then start deleting all messages manually by swiping them right.
  2. For call logs: Press call button from home screen. Go to middle tab (named call log). Press ‘show detailed call log’ button at the end of the screen. Go to settings and select delete call history. And you are good to go.

It’ll take less than 15 minutes to do that. Once you’ve done it, reboot your phone. And your call screen will never hang again. This is how I got rid of OnePlus One hanging problem.

In case you face same problem again after couple of days, do the same thing again. Delete call logs and messages. It’ll make space for new call logs and will prevent your smartphone from blanking out!

Did these tricks stop OnePlus One hanging problems for you? Do share your comments. And even if this trick doesn’t work for your phone, leave a comment. Will be more than happy to help you out!

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