10 Things you Must Know before Dating your Best Friend

10 Things to Know before Dating your Best Friend

1. You both know a little too much about each other.

After being friends for so long, you probably know every in and out of each other. It can be the best relation of all times. You know all the secrets, all the good and bad propensities, know each other’s past and much more than anyone else. It’s so good to be with a consort like your best friend. But sometimes, it’s better to not know somethings about your soulmate and that’s where it gets a little catchy. It may not seem so, but after a certain point in your life together, bad things about your partner’s past may pester you and hinder your beautiful relationship.

2. You will be so alike.

You know each other so much that everything you say, do, like, hate or want will be just the same. You will be astounded by the things that will happen due to your like minds and often think of your sync as some supernatural powers. You’ll fall in love with it and it will make you feel like you’re on cloud 9. But really, give it a thought, is it really good?

3. People will laugh it off when you say you’re dating.

When you divulge your good news of dating each other to your friends, they will probably reject it or may be even say that they anticipated it since long. They’ve seen you both being BFFs since a long time and they have their own slants about your relation. So really, which side is better?

4. No awkwardness

Be it meeting each other’s parents, friends or collages, there will be no awkward silences and small ‘How’s the weather?’ talks. You’ll know very well them from the start and vice versa!

5. Things escalate fast!

You’ve been in touch with each other since past several years and now you’re dating! You might as well go home after dinner night and get married right away! Why the defer?

6. First kiss?

Ha ha! I highly doubt being best cronies for so many years and not even have kissed once. No? Like, really? If not, then you’ve got the package all to yourself rightfully now! There won’t be any awkwardness in any physical relation and that’s one of the best and the rarest things that can happen in a newfound relationship!

7. You will be an inspiration

Seeing your coordination, friendliness, casualness and love, your friends will often become inspired and decide to have a relation just like you with their best friends. Or would they? It’s upto you! You will set an example as you go in time! They’ll just be able to see the verdict!

8. No fights

Well, not technically! There may be some fights because let’s face it, fights are the second face of a relation! But then, as being former best pals, both will know what will be the best thing to make up and thus you’ll not be able stay irate for long!

9. You’ll invent!

You’ll have things of your own like your personally contrived sign language, eye gestures, nicknames, code words and stuff. You will be able to communicate across a huge hall amidst hundreds of people without saying a single word!

10. The friendship after that

Once you become a couple, the friendship perishes into thin air with all those romantic feelings rushing in. Things change so quickly that you often miss the important things. The real remains that will you both be able to maintain the same transparency and allegiance as you did before you got in? The next biggest question probably is what will happen to your friendship after you break up (just in case)?

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10 Things you Must Know before Dating your Best Friend

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