10 Things that go through Writer’s Mind when he has a Writer’s Block

10 Things that go through Writer's Mind when he has a Writer's Block

1. Will I ever be able to get out of it?

When will it happen? Am I supposed to trigger it or something? Why can’t it hurry up and catch up with me already!

*thoughts take a U-turn in the worry lane*

What if I’m unable to get out of it? Will I lose this part of myself forever?

2. Here are some tips on how to quickly get out of it. Let me try them…

Huh. There are lots of articles and books about the block. Okay, this exercise looks good…

3. They don’t work on me!

Am I a special case? Do I have some selective type of a writer’s block? Wait, are there TYPES of writer’s block?

4. Why do I have a block?

How did I get it anyways? Am I destined to not write during this time of my life? Is it karma? Did I do something to make it happen?

5. Prompts are my best friends.

It’s in all the articles. Okay, my favorite memory from my childhood, what was it?

6. I cannot get that groove going!

All that I’m able to write are bits and pieces. Where is the writer in me?? Why isn’t she responding to these prompts???

*calms down after a while*

Words should be easy. They should flow out of me, like a river. (Hey, that sounds good!) Which reminds me of “Cry Me A River”. Justin Timberlake. The song was also sung by one of the One Direction members I guess. Let me google it…

*starts singing*

7. What if when I come back, I’m not as good as I was earlier?

What if my writing is scratchy, and lame? What if it is unlike the trendy pieces that I read online? Will I have “lost my touch”? Wait, do I HAVE a “touch”?

8. I see my friends writing easily. Why aren’t words flowing out of me?

They make it look so easy. It WAS so easy! Oh writing, why has thou abandoned me?

9. People think I might be just lazy. Am I?

Now that’s something to think about. Am I procrastinating? Am I not trying hard enough? It is my fault??

10. Let me write about my experiences with a writer’s block.

Ekteer do nishaan.

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10 Things that go through Writer’s Mind when he has a Writer’s Block

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