10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

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10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

1. Company is sinking

You may be hearing all these hearsay about how the company doing really bad pecuniary wise or having very low profit or income. But, when you go and talk about it with your boss, he will be all tight lipped and probably will give you a hearty laugh just to assure you everything’s fine!

2. You should get promoted

They may peek on you every now and then just to make sure that you are working good. And if you are working really good and even if they think that you should get promoted or deserve a pay raise, they won’t say a word about it to you. It’s their profit if you continue working this good at low pay. But, they really expect you to come up to their office and ask like a man if you think you deserve a pay raise or a promotion. They won’t say no because they know very well how to reward their employees! And that is the reason they are the boss!

3. Avoid bad dressers

They may smile and compliment you on your favorite shirt you wear, but if you wear that same shirt more than once in a week, they will probably laugh on your back! They expect you to dress well and command respect. They really hate when you show up in the office with the same clothes. Even if it’s a casual day, the dressing must be decent and clean.

4. Hate overanxious people

Bosses absolutely abominate when you are just too keen. They really dislike to listen how you have an idea to do something good for the company or how you would like them to find some special extra projects for you that you would love to work on. They really hate when you suggest them in every little thing. They are the boss and know better about how to run a company.

5. They don’t care about your personal goals

You may be awesome at what you do and all set to go up the ladder of the company’s hierarchy, but if you are outperforming everyone in your current position, they will probably like you to stay at the same post and keep performing the best at the same salary.

6. Don’t really care about your personal life.

They never mind if they catch you on Facebook, Twitter or eBay. But, they certainly don’t like to see each and every picture of how you went to a party and danced with your cousins flooding their social network feed.

7. They want solution from you, not problems.

They hate when you scamper down to their shack with a problem in hand without any solution. If you keep grumbling about how the problem is bothering you and don’t have an idea how to fix it, they see you as a whiner. They expect you to come up with the solution if you really need a change in the system.

8. Your body odour.

They loathe calling an employee inside their cabin especially for telling them that he/ she reeks and other employees have problems with it and have complained. They always expect you to smell fresh with all those deodorants available on the market.

9. Like to see you be a man.

Do you think doing someone else’s work that has been unloaded on you impresses your boss? Hell no my friend! Bosses expect you to grow, be a man and stand your ground. You should be perfectly habile to refuse strongly but nicely if someone is delegating their work on you. This shows you have compelling management skills and that’s the solitary thing bosses wanna see in you which stipulates that you’re ready to go to the next level!

10. You should leave

Bosses don’t expect you to stay at your job even if you are miserably under-performing and think you’ve hit a dead end just for their respect. They will be more than happy to let you go because it empower them to hire someone else who can do you job better than you and make money for them.

That’s all folks! We’re all ears for your feedback!

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