Things to know before your next Hotel Stay!

Things to know before your next Hotel Stay!

Hotels are all lavish and great. You go to a foreign place, discover, wander, enjoy and at the end of the day, the opulent hotel beds are your best friend! They give you the perfect sleep after a long tiring day! The cushions are soft, pillows are great and it makes you wish it was exactly like this at your home too! Well, you may enjoy staying in hotels and opt for the costliest suite available, but we’ve listed some things that every hotel does, which you should definitely know before your next check-in.


You pay for the room but the accompaniments like changing of bedsheet, grooming accessories etc. are managed by the desk managers who are people too. If you just smile heartily and talk with genteel, you might just get a handsome free upgrade to the room additions. And it doesn’t just end here, they will make sure you get the spacious corner room the next time you visit with all the additions already present and ready for you.


Whenever you go for a trip and want to try out the local street food varieties to meld in the culture of that particular place, try out the local food at the hotel’s restaurant initially. The food will be well sanitized and will not be as strong flavored as the street one. It will be good on your kidneys to start; plus you’ll get a faint idea of what’s out there!


It is very rare but hotels provide some offers and concessions that are hidden. When they offer you a feedback form, don’t just be rude and deny to fill it. Fill it and maybe they have something waiting for you under their hood!


Whenever you go to a hotel, don’t just demand everything at the check-in counter. Chances are, they’ll probably delay the things as it will not be possible for them to arrange things for you right away. It is always suggested that you ring the hotel the same morning and very courteously let them you know your needs (like an extra bed or a table).


Loyalty is an expensive quality, not found in many! If you stick to a certain hotel chain, they appreciate your loyalty and see you as an asset. You’ll have a preferred status level which gives you privileges such as discounts on hotel rooms and special arrangements made just for you!


Never be ashamed to ask. Most of the hotels have free services provided to you such as soaps, hair dryers, shampoos, chargers etc. They just don’t say it to save money but if you ask for it, they certainly won’t deny either!


Don’t follow the reviews on the internet. They are just the personal opinions posted by someone who visited the hotel. Because, to them, a beautiful woman receptionist speaking lovingly may be 5 stars and for the same reason the same hotel changing the bed sheets once a week may be 5 stars too. But for you, it may be a contrary case!


Tipping always goes a long way. After you are done with your stay at the hotel and are ready to move out, leave a tip for every employee that helped you and talked to you. A bijou tip of Rs.50 to five different people won’t damage you much, but it will make sure you get a jovial welcome and the best of services whenever you visit the next time.


Never hotel lift! The towel or bed sheet may seem beguiling and you can obviously sneak those in your bag and take them home without a hitch. But be cautious, they might track you down with the radio chips installed on the items that poses a danger to get stolen!


Some hotels provide free pickups and drops from and to the airport or railway station, feel free to ask about service if any. Some hotels also have tie up with private local transport companies, use them till you know the city better. Or else the local taxies will rob you off your transport budget.

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