Why Alcohol is Banned in Gujarat

Why Alcohol is Banned in Gujarat?

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Have you ever wondered, why alcohol is banned in Gujarat? Why Gujarat is a dry state? It’s a good question really. Many people actually wonder what is the exact reason behind the prohibition of alcohol in the Gujarat state. Well, let’s dive in and find out!

The main reason behind alcohol ban in Gujarat is to pay homage to father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi who was born in Porbandar. Along with birthday of Gandhiji which is on October 2nd, 1869, the day is also celebrated as national dry day. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t drink and he always opposed the idea of alcohol consumption. So this is the main reason alcohol is banned in Gujarat. There are many other advantages as well. The most important one is reduced social issues and domestic violence. Women are very safe in Gujarat than any other alcohol-legal state. You will never find drunk people roaming around as a threat to women on the streets.

It’s a common fact that alcohol causes serious health problems. Thus, banning alcohol helps develop a state full of healthy people thus saving cost on free treatments given in the government hospitals. Gujarat law prohibits anyone from storing, producing, selling ad consumption of alcoholic beverages started since May 1st 1960 when Bombay stated was demerged into Gujarat and Maharashtra. The law actually came into existence when many people died from the consumption of methyl alcohol. The act still stands in both the states but licensing regime in Maharashtra is quite liberal allowing the vendors and traders to sell alcohol openly. Gujarat licensing authorities have completely banned it. But, foreigners and NRI’s can get a permit having a validity of 30 days.

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