10 Things We Miss the Most about Childhood

10 Things We Miss the Most about Childhood

Childhood was the best time we ever had and I know that we really miss those days. I believe that we were so fortunate to have a witnessed all these things compared to today’s kids. We have enjoyed our childhood before smart phones, tablets, Facebook, selfies, and other technologies took over it and completely ruined it.

Let us remember some childhood fun we did. Here are the 10 things we really miss about our childhood:

1. Waking up early morning for school was so dreadful. Especially during the season of monsoon and winter when we would just want to sleep on our cosy bed inside a warm and soft blanket.

2. Running towards the school bus to get a window seat. We would ditch our friends and race towards the bus/van and occupy the window seat.

3. During the summer vacations, we always waited for school to re-open and meet our friends. We would talk to our friends over the telephone and wait for school to open as soon as possible. Usually spending our vacations at our grandparents place, we would eagerly wait to meet our friends.

4. Jumping in water puddles to enjoy the monsoon season. Monsoon has been our favorite season. Dancing in the rain was so much fun. Nowadays some of us do not like getting wet in the rain.

5. The more marbles you had, the more superior you were. Playing lakhoti was an all time favorite game with friends. When we won more marbles we became the ultimate hero within our friend circle.

6. White chalk was our favorite as it hid the dirt stains on our white shoes that we wore on Saturdays. This way we used to save ourselves from getting punished. Though the white chalk color would not remain for a long time, but during the start of the day it would definitely save us from punishments.

7. Frooti was the only beverage we knew of (Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy). Mangoes were our all time favorite and still are. Some of us still relish the taste of Frooti.

8. We had competitions in blowing the biggest balloon from a Big Babol chewing gum. We would also debate on which chewing gum is better – Boomer or Big Babol.

9. We could have Parle-G at any time of the day. It was the best biscuit that we have ever had. Having it with milk was the best thing ever. Always believing in the tag line “G mane Genius”, we thought we would become a genius some day.

10. Writing with an ink pen at school always made us feel big and mature. Every morning while packing our bag for school, we would make sure to fill up our ink pens so that in class we so not run out of ink.

These were some of the childhood memories we had. If you think that I have missed out on major memories, please do mention it in the comment section below. Hoping this story made you feel nostalgic about your childhood days, do not forget sharing it with people who were part of your childhood.

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  1. Fake Stomach Aches helped us to stay at home and watch Oswald , Jungle Book (Moglli) , Road Runner (Beep Beep) and my favouurite Pokemon !! :))

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10 Things We Miss the Most about Childhood

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