5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You Die

5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You Die!

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It doesn’t really matter what personality you have or what kind of a person you are, when the adrenaline rushes in your brain, you wish to keep it running that way! It’s a fact, really! Even people who consider themselves to be of a calm nature, non-adventurous type, actually are of the fun loving adventurous type from within. They just say so because, they have never ever been involved in such an adventure that made them feel the adrenaline rushing in their body! We all know it’s just one life and there are very slim chances of afterlife or something, so why not just celebrate your life as you’re already here, ain’t that right? This world is pervaded with escapades to do just for you, and you must make sure you meet them once in your lifetime no matter what! Go out, get lost, discover things, places, and amidst all of this, discover yourself! After all, somebody truly said,

“You must go on adventures to find out where you belong!”

So, here we bring you 5 adventures you must absolutely do before you say goodbye!

1. Bungee Jumping in South Africa

Bungee Jumping 5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You DieThis is an adventure everyone must have on their bucket list! Fall to freedom from about a breathtaking height of 216m above the river and experience the feeling of emptiness in your soul! The Bloukans Bridge is the world’s highest commercial bungee jumping spot located on the border of Eastern and Western capes! It is extremely safe and the authorities have maintained a record of having no accidents for almost 20 years now! Have a heart of a lion and do it without overthinking. You’ll have a time of your life!

2. La Tomatina Festival, Spain

La Tomatina 5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You Die!If you not been involved in the wild crowd bathing, lying, sitting, dancing, sleeping and whatnot in tons of tomatoes on the streets, you have not done anything with your life! This festival is the Spain’s renowned festival and people from all over the world visit this festival! The streets are poured with about 1 lakh kilos of tomatoes to make sure people are ankle deep in the squishy red fruit! However, it only lasts for about an hour or so, but it gives you memories that will last till your time! The festival takes place in the small Spanish town of Bunol and happens on the last Wednesday of every August!

3. Experience the Antarctica!

Antarctica 5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You DieIt’s very rare of people to add this immensely cold destination to their list. But, that is the sole reason why you must be adding it to your bucket list! You may be familiar with winters for some months but having ice for yearlong is quite a distinctive experience! This destination is a little bit on the expensive and colder side, but it is a must go! You can live with penguins, whales, seals and even witness the breathtakingly beautiful skies at night! If you’re lucky, who knows you get to see the Aurora Borealis, the rare green or red lights in the sky caused due to charged particles of the stratosphere and solar wind collision!

4. Office Chair Race, Germany

Office Chair Race Germany 5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You Die!Ever wondered why those boring office chairs have wheels on them? Nope, they are not for just turning around and quickly moving around your work place .People in Germany have invented a race in which they use the same boring office chairs as a vehicle! There’s even an office chair racing championship held every year. They hand-out prizes and everything! Call it crazy but this must goes on that list of yours!

5. Scale the Mount Everest!

Mount Everest Climbing 5 Adventures You Must Go On Before You DieThis may be a tough nut to crack, but if you think you can do it, you sure as hell can! Mountaineering is a treacherous task to take on and many people have lost their lives trying to scale the majestic alp! The height of the Mount Everest is about 22,000 feet and getting to the top in knee deep snow takes a strong determined soul and lungs of steel with that less much of oxygen! But, you can find many mountaineering coteries that will help you reach your destination safely! So, go on, break a leg! Once you get up there, the view is worth a thousand climbs!

There are multifarious other attractions and adventures you can go on. Make sure to comment which adventure you’d like to do!

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