An entrepreneur couple who fell in love while working together!

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Anushree and Saurabh Pacheriwal

Staying in two different cities, destiny got them together. From being life partners, they are also business partners and have launched many businesses together. Read on to know more about Anushree Pacheriwal and Saurabh Pacheriwal.

Anushree is a Graphic Designer and an Animation Artist. Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Anushree has been an explorer since early days of her childhood. She spent her early years learning the Indian classical dance form- Kathak and trying her hands on painting, drawing, cooking, sculpting and talking to people. She shifted to Surat when she was 10 and met Saurabh when she was 14.

Saurabh is an environmental engineer and a marketing professional. Born and brought up in Surat, Saurabh has been curious about his surroundings since ever. He was a teacher’s pet throughout his schooling and spent his early years participating in various inter and intra school competitions and scoring well in academics. He loves playing chess and is an avid traveller.

The Story

This is a story of Anushree and Saurabh, how they met, became friends, worked together, fell in love, executed several projects, got married, and how they are doing their bit to promote ideas in the city of Surat!

After their schooling got over, both Anushree and Saurabh got admissions for higher studies in Ahmedabad. They were from different streams, Anushree from the Design and Communication background and Saurabh from the Environmental Engineering background; but they decided to work together. Their first project was Samajhdar Sintu which was awarded by the Limca Book of Records for being India’s first Environmental Comic Series. Together, they have launched a publication company, a t-shirt design brand, a mass product brand, an eco-friendly fair, a Flea Market, a start-up consulting firm, a wind energy development entity and today, they are working as brand consultants.

Today, Anushree and Saurabh run a company called Gemius Design Labs, which is a branding and marketing services agency. They provide marketing strategies to their clients in India and overseas to help build their brand. They have a studio at Ghod Dod Road, Surat and branch offices at Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The duo is also behind TEDxDumas. Together, they bring the city’s only live speaker TEDx event – TEDxDumas. They have a mission to spread ideas and believe in building thoughts and processes which will take the community towards a positive change. TEDxDumas is the only city-level live speaker event license in the state of Gujarat.

When they are not working, you will find them traveling between cities and exploring the world!

A message from Anushree to all the young blood around: “I would like to tell the young designers that it is important to do something that is off beat and not something that everyone is doing. Your work and efforts should stand out and make you different. You should have your own identity. Don’t be scared to walk in the field of design. Yes, sometimes the society will disapprove your work and effort but that happens. You should be happy with the work you have done and 10 years later you should not regret thinking that you did not do it back then.”

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