5 Etiquette Rules For Dining at Fancy Restaurants

5 Etiquette Rules For Dining at Fancy Restaurants

We all are social animals and we need to behave that way! We have made rules and derived ways to do certain thing efficiently. Likewise, whenever we go to a hotel or a restaurant, there are some rules you need to follow while having food. Here we bring you some dining etiquette rules you need to follow whenever you go to a fancy hotel!

1. Dress accordingly

Men should always wear jackets to a dinner, if not suits. It’s simply about dressing according to the situation. If it is a business diner or lunch, you need to get all suited up and clean shaved. But then, if you are going with your girlfriend or couple of friends, any casual clothes will do. For example, a casual mono colored shirt with a simple plain jean. The basic rule is; it should be decent. Otherwise, the hotel authorities will not let you enter the hotel if you look like a hippie. Haha.

2. Never take a picture of the food.

It’s a fashion now, really! People post random pictures of their food from the time they went to a fancy dinner. Trust me, it comes off as a a show off to the viewers and nobody really cares what you are eating or already ate last night! Even if you click the pictures of your food, keep it with yourself and don’t upload to social websites.

3. Napkin rules

Know where the napkin goes. Generally, the napkin rules include placing the napkin on your lap before you start eating. If you wanna go to the washroom or take a phone call away from the table, stand up from the chair and pace the napkin on the seat. And once you’re finished with the meal, place the napkin on the left side where your plate would have been. Do no fold it, but place it decently.

4. Know the utensils and their place

There are many different types of utensils and each course has their own set of utensils, all of them maybe in front of you at a time or maybe not. The general rule for starting to eat is to start out from the utensils placed on the outer side and then gradually, make your way to the recipes placed into utensils. Speaking of utensils, it also includes forks and spoons. The larges fork is entrée fork and the smaller fork is usually a salad fork. Then comes spoons. The largest spoon on the table is usually the soup spoon and the spoons that are placed above the utensils are usually desert fork or spoon. You must also know how to keep the utensils to signal the waiters about the status of your eating. Putting your knife on top of the plate and fork horizontally across the place signals that you are resting for a while. Diagonally putting the fork and knife on the plate with the fork below the knife indicates that you are done eating.

5. Be modest

Last but not the least. Never forget to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Please’. If you don’t respect the waiters, you’ll not get the best service and you will be often ignored.

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