5 Little Things You Can Do To Save Environment

5 Little Things You Can Do To Save Environment

It’s a universal fact that if there’s environment, there are us. If we damage the environment, it all somehow comes back to us! We have been taught from the very childhood that we should respect, love and care for our planet earth but somehow, we tend to forget it when we grow up. Or maybe, we are just so busy in our lives that we don’t care even if we are actually hurting the environment. So, read on to know some very little things you can do in your daily life to save the environment and make it a better place for the generations to come.

5 Handy ways to Save Environment

1. Take a stroll!

Get rid of all the carbon monoxide emissions form the vehicle. You may not know it, but that stuff can kill. Carbon monoxide is emitted form the vehicle’s exhaust which is very harmful to the environment as well as to yourself. So, if you are staying nearby a Subway, get on it or if possible, just catch a bus to work! Or you could just walk to the office if it’s nearby, hey! Walking will not only educe the harmful emissions of gases but will also keep you fit and fine. It is known that most of the physical problem people suffer are due to lack of movement. So when you walk, you get healthy, reach work safely and also get paid for it at the end of the month! It is okay if you can’t find time to go to the gym for your long work hours. If you just walk, you are already fit! Walking is a win-win situation, really!

2. Trees are life!

This the only way you can positively affect the environment on a large basis. Just try and plant as much number of tress in your backyard for a start and see the change for yourself. The trees inhale the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and exhale pure oxygen. And trust me, there is no machine in the entire universe that could do this awesome thing, that too, for free. There is free oxygen for you everywhere so, make sure you make full use of it and keep planting more trees. If you just plant one tree a day, there will be lush greenery around you when the year ends! It will not only look good to walk by those tress, but it will also help you clear out the impurities in your lungs for free!

3. Recycling is all about giving new life!

Never throw things in the garage. They will probably take the garbage away and throw it at some garbage dumping place where it will remain for years before it gets in the soil. So, find a recycling factory or something and give all your recyclable garbage there. They will recycle it and take it in some other use rather than dumping it at some stale place to rot eventually in years. Never use things made of plastic. Plastic is considered as the biggest enemy of the environment because when plastic mixes in the soil, it never decomposes. Yes! you read that right. Even after you dig that same place after a million years, you are gonna find that plastic in the same condition as it was when it got buried. Use jute or clothed carry bags instead of polythene bags as they are easily recyclable and get decomposed in the soil easily. By doing this, you will also help keep the soil clear of the land pollution.

4. Water is a boon. Use it carefully.

Never waste water. Water your plants in the morning once and they are good for the day. Don’t water the sidewalk or your car, they don’t grow fruits and flowers! Use the water moderately while washing utensils and clothes and never ever keep the tap running unnecessarily for more than 5 seconds. You can also bath only once in the morning to save water unless you are doing a job which requires high physical activity. There is already a shortage of water in the world and if you have a regular supply of clean water, you better value it before its gone!

5. Save electricity

You might have a huge office or a home with all the latest appliances installed, but it doesn’t really matter when you’re alone and when you can make do with a single fan and a light. Try to use LED bulbs or florescent bulbs instead of highly focused light or a tube light. They are very efficient and last longer. Also, remember to switch all the appliances off when you leave the room. It may not be a big deal, but imagine the electricity you’ll save if you keep turning off appliances in empty rooms throughout the year! You can also save a hell a lot of electricity a year if you just use solar water heaters than those regular electric water heaters.

Have a good one, fellas!

Speak your mind through the keyboard in our comments section if you can tell us any other ways to save the environment. We are all ears!

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