In Conversation with Jimmit Trivedi

In Conversation with Jimmit Trivedi

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Jimmit Trivedi, a bollywood actor debuted in Gujarati cinema with superhit film Gujjubhai The Great and since then his journey is only moving forward. Jimmit was last seen in a Gujarati film Polam Pol. Want to know more about his journey? Have a look at our conversation with the actor.

Excerpts from our interview with Jimmit Trivedi

If you were not an actor, what profession would you have been in?

Jimmit Trivedi: Well, if I was not an actor I would have been a chef! I love cooking and I am a foodie too. I love to experiment with different cuisine. I believe healthy eating is good and that a bit of junk food is not harm. Being a Gujarati, my all time favorite food is Khichdi and Chaas.

How different is the Gujarati cinema from Bollywood?

Jimmit Trivedi: Language is the only difference I see between these two. Our Gujarati cinema is growing. Every state has their regional cinema. The Gujarati cinema reflects our society, Gujarati culture and the themes are based on our issues.

How has your journey been so far in front of the camera?

Jimmit Trivedi: So far it has been an amazing journey. I have learnt a lot from the movies, television, serials and dramas I have done so far. I doubted, Do I really know how to act?, when I first faced the camera. But I did not lose heart and took it as a challenge. After 2-3 weeks, I was perfectly comfortable.

Has working in television been different from working in movies?

Jimmit Trivedi: Yes, it is definitely different. Movies have a fixed story and the scripts are given to the actors. And once the shoot is done, approximately 2-3 weeks are taken for dubbing. While in the television serials, the end is unknown as the serials run for a longer period. There may also be an addition or a reduction in the cast. Working in serials is a daily work as it is a 12-hour shift. I have had the best exposure in serials and movies.

Fans usually follow models and stars. How have your fans followed you?

Jimmit Trivedi: Now this is a tough question! Basically, fans play an important role in making you a star. I have heard my fans appreciating my acting in movies, television serials and dramas. The love and warm wishes from them have always been encouraging me.

What do you do in your free time?

Jimmit Trivedi: Usually I meditate when I am free. Inner peace is required when you have a busy life. I also enjoy watching films. Sometimes, I am found with my friends where we talk about movies and stories. We brainstorm on a story which can be made into a movie later on. I also workout on daily basis.

Pokémon Go is a craze these days. Do you also play this game?

Jimmit Trivedi: No, not at all. Games are better played physically than being played virtually. There is no point running after something that is useless and has no value. I have seen people on the roads and in malls in groups with their phones in hands. But actually, they are wasting their time.

Being from Mumbai, how often do you visit Gujarat?

Jimmit Trivedi: I have visited Gujarat a lot while shooting for movies and also for their promotions. I also have my maternal uncle residing in Gujarat so I tend to visit him more often. While working with television serials, I could not visit Gujarat a lot due to tight schedules. My major visits are to Ahmedabad. I had visited Surat recently for the promotion of Polam Pol.

If a fan tells you that she loves you, would you take her out on a date?

Jimmit Trivedi: Well, this is a one sided thing. I might go but that is extremely rare. It is better not to give false hopes.

What is that one thing you want to change in the world?

Jimmit Trivedi: Humanity! This is the only one thing I want to bring into this world. Humanity will change everything for the good and the world will be a much better place to live in.

Who is your inspiration?

Jimmit Trivedi: My parents and my spiritual Guru are my inspiration in life. I strongly believe in self assessment. I accept the mistakes that I do.  There are also many people in my life who have taught me things either directly or indirectly. Even my life experiences have taught me a lot. I am a very ethical person professionally. Ethics run in my family.

What are your favorite holiday destinations in India and abroad?

Jimmit Trivedi: With back to back work schedules, I have not traveled to any new place in the recent times. I am nature loving person. Man made things lack the essence of nature. In India I would like to visit the Himalayas, Kerala and places where I can explore nature.

Something you want to tell your fans.

Jimmit Trivedi: Just believe in yourself. Accept the way you are and explore your inner self. Do not let other people tell you what to do. Yes, they may be right sometimes, but not all the time. I believe that nothing is impossible and every problem has a way out. It all depends on your prospective. Always have a positive approach and everything will be fun. The less stubborn you are, the more fun you will have!

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