Social Media seeks justice for Sushant Rohilla!

Social Media seeks justice for Sushant Rohilla who committed suicide

The social media is coming up with a new trending Hashtag #JusticForSushant. A 3rd year LAW student from Amity University, Noida named Sushant Rohilla committed suicide on 10th August, 2016. He was debarred to attend his semester examination due to less attendance. The reason for his less attendance was said to be his foot injury and the extracurricular activities that he had been organizing in the university. The students of Amity University had been to the protest, asking justice for Sushant.

Due to this, Facebook page ALSD Alumni Against Atrocities is breaking out with the students’ comments in support for this. Twitter is overwhelming with the tweets of ex and current Amity University students and many other people. Everyone is sharing their harassment experience and support for Sushant’s family. University authorities stated that the decision of debarment is done by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (IP University) authorities and the IP University says that we get the debarred students list 15 days before the exams from the colleges itself.

The report says that there were about 15-17 students who had been debarred, some of them changed universities; some were still making peace with the fact. Sushant tried to contact the authorities and pledged for another chance, but all he got was negligence. Being an active student of the university, Sushant could not bear that the university did not help him out, the time he actually wanted the help. A person alone without any hope cannot survive a day and that’s what happened with Sushant.

Why Indian students are treated as Labors? The Rohith Vemula case in the starting of this year was also about this, the student committed suicide because he was not getting his stipend from the university. After many tries of protesting, he committed suicide and insipte of any noticeable action what happened was, politicians made their marshmallows on that fire.

These are some of the cases who came to the media and took all over India, there must be many more that did not even got recognized. Students in India had been harassed physically, mentally, emotionally and economically from yours. Me, you and every one of us has passed through this in our student life. That last bencher who didn’t even appear throughout the semester gets same marks as you, teacher gives more internal marks to the student who severs them and many more. We all had been through this, but didn’t utter a word. Why? Because who wants to get into the trouble. If the teacher might know, you would be failing in internals. The degree will be in danger and what not. Every student in this country study with a fear and this is because students do not get the rights to speak up. Yes, the student unions are there but they work only if you have good connections or good money. The normal students, they are just meant to be suffered. Some of them survive this because they have courage to accept it or they have family and friend’s support, but the person lacking with both devastated and they take steps that shouldn’t be taken. I wish Sushant had shared this with his family, your family can see you fail, but not dead, this wasn’t meant to be the end of your life, mate.

The students of Amity University are protesting on the resignation of the responsible authorities. This is essential, but it will only give justice to Sushant Rohilla. What about other students? The thing that must be done is, written assurance from the government that the law and order privilege for students would be considered more seriously without any political or individual advantages.

After 70 years of independence, if the future of India still has to fight for the basic rights, if they are still growing up with fear and if there are student suicidal cases to be forgotten without any serious action then there is no meaning of celebrating the independence.

Urvi Sheth
Urvi is pursuing Computer Engineering from Surat; but her area of interest doesn't match with it. She loves photography, writing, singing and dancing. "My motto in life is to make people smile." she says.