10 Things all Procrastinators can Relate to

10 Things all Procrastinators can Relate to

Well, we’ve all been there! Some of us have procrastinated in college, some in school days and some are still right there! It is a heart lifting experience and feels good to be there. It kinda makes your life pretty easier and tough at the same time! But you enjoy it anyway, right? Here, today we have penned down some of the things procrastinators can relate to! Check it out and relate to your past, present or may be the future! Read now folks!


This one’s for the college people out there. You don’t study till the very last day before exam. Suppose, if the exam is on 24th September and you have a whole month left, you feel you can easily go through the exam if you just study the whole day of 23rd Well, not the whole day really, just in the afternoon or something. Nah, actually just at night because there’s a match on that day. Well, why not let’s study on 24th September itself after reaching the college. If nothing, you’ll probably just go and sit next to the topper of the class and copy it form him/ her.


Well, it’s not like the world will stop spinning if you don’t go to work, to college, don’t study or whatever. Why do things have to be so urgent, right?


You hate to wait in line or get stuck in even the smallest traffic jam. You would rather go the other way that is extra-long but traffic free. You hate queues and instantly think why do so many people even exist on the earth?


You never call your friends or family except if you have some work. Come on! You know they are probably doing just fine in life! Also you think, if there was something bad happening to them, they will probably have called you by now.


You get all hyped up about an awesome book your friend recommended or gifted you. You start to read it but then, you suddenly realize that there are so many important things you could rather do than reading the book Like not reading the book, sleeping, playing PC games, ordering Pizza, or just sit in the balcony daydreaming! You know you can probably complete that book sometime later or who knows, maybe you’d do it by tomorrow itself! Lol, yeah right!


You wanna go to the gym. You instantly buy new shoes and you join the gym. Well, you suddenly feel that it’s been lot of days in the gym now and why doesn’t your body show just yet? Then you suddenly realise that there are many other things to do like not going to gym, hangout at home, eat pizza, watch TV, play PC games and whatnot! God! You need to find time for that. Because come on, you know you just can’t wait that long for your body to show up. It’s better you hang out with friends in that time.


You know you are supposed to do something but you don’t wanna do that at all. Because let’s face it, there is no specific time to do a specific thing. You know, if you feel like doing something you will probably do it some other time for sure, but just not now.


You set out do something and end up doing something. For example, you are really trying hard to study but suddenly, a thought pops in your head about why your girlfriend had said that mysterious thing to you about 200 days ago and what it actually meant. Congrats on solving the mystery though.


You know you have important class or your office to visit. But, you know sleeping for five minutes and waking up after an hour won’t do any damage to you. Maybe, I repeat, maybe there are chances of getting fired, nothing much than that really!


Well, you start doing some work or start to study but, you find it hard as usual. You give up already but just keep doing it anyways for the sake of doing it. You get an idea and then call your friend. You ask his status on the work or study and If he says he is not doing it, then you just stop your work too! Because let’s face it, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You at least now have somebody standing with you when the time comes! So why worry?

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