Rickshawbandhan- Vadodara’s unique campaign for women safety

Rickshawbandhan - A unique campaign for Women Safety

Commuting for a female is never easy whether it’s a metro city or a tier 2 city like Vadodara. This is an amazing start to keep the women’s in the city safe. Rickshawbandhan is a campaign which is initiated by 93.5 Red FM on the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan from 8th August to 19th August 2016. Rakshabandhan in Sanskrit means the knot of protection.

This is quite a new concept in showing how women can be protected in their daily lives. We hope that the rickshaw drivers remember to take the oath on all the 365/366 days of the year and not just the Rakshbandhan week.

While travelling in a rickshaw, we have had good or bad experiences. During this campaign, the rickshaw driver takes an oath every time a female sits in his rickshaw that he will ensure that the female reaches safely to the place she wants to go. This is an eye opening campaign wherein we see that the protection of women in our country is needed.

The safety and protection of women in India has always been in the center and a topic much talked about. Women always have to be alert to the people and surrounding around them. Always listen to your gut! It is always right. That is your intuition saying that something is not right. It is sort of your sixth sense.

Rickshaw is the basic traveling necessity that a person travels in. Every person in the country relies on this 3-wheeler to travel from one place to another. And being the basic travelling commodity for every individual, it has to be safe to travel.

We have had many complains from foreign tourists about eve-teasing by local guides and rickshaw drivers. We need to change this and make the tourists feel comfortable in our country. Once this “Rickshawbandhan Oath” takes over the whole nation, we are sure to have happy tourists in our country.

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