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She is the new kid on the online entertainment block and she doesn’t need Snapchat filters to be hilarious. She is Saee Barve!

Saee Barve is a young entertainer who recently started posting her videos on her Facebook page – Saee Hai. She plays the simple girl next door in most of her videos but her acting skills steal the show. We caught up with Saee Barve to know more about the person behind the funny sketches!

Tell us something about yourself and how did comedy/ Youtube/ videos feature into the scheme of things?

I am into Gujarati theatre since childhood ! I’m a Maharashtrian. But was brought up in Gujarat. I did my schooling, college from Ahmedabad. So I’m more of a Gujarati than a Maharashtrian. I did my 1st Gujarati play when I was 10. It was ‘Marmabhed’ directed by Raju Barot and written by Abhijat Joshi (writer of Three Idiots, PK and Lage Raho Munna Bhai) Then after my graduation I came to Mumbai and started assisting Neeraj Vora (writer of Hera Pheri, Golmaal, Bhagam Bhag) in writing and I also continued doing Gujarati Theatre as it gives me oxygen to live!

I lost my dad few years back. Neeraj sir & my father were friends. Whenever they met, they discussed two things – Indian classical music and food. My father was a huge fan of old Marathi natya sangeet & Neeraj sir’s father – Late Shree Pandit Vinayak Vora was a legendary Taar shehnai player & vocalist! So they use to listen to him for hours.

This is how music, theatre, writing scripts became a part of my life!

What made you post these videos?

These videos happened overnight and I never planned for it! I was going through the rough phase of my life. Like really bad. But I took it up as a challenge. I told myself nothing has stopped me till date, then why now ? One day while I was just sitting in my office and waiting for an appointment with some people, I asked sir whether I could watch tv? His witty reply was, “Juo ne beta pan chalu na karti”. Everyone around started laughing.

Immediately an idea of making such cute short fun videos struck me. I requested Neeraj sir to act in my video. He said he doesn’t work for free but he will make an exception for me. I uploaded the video on my Instagram page first & then on Facebook. I got a decent response. This encouraged me to start a Facebook page named “Saee Hai”!

One day I was sitting with my close friends, Kartik and Nirali, (Founder of the band Maati baani) we were talking about online comedies. I felt comedy these days is either sex comedy or abusing or insulting celebrities! With due respect nothing wrong if people are doing it. But this is not what I enjoy. I wanted to see a video which connects with me. I wanted to see me. My friend Kartik said, “Be the change you wanna see!”

After coming home his words haunted me!! And a thought came to my mind, how a towny girl would talk to a suburban girl. I took my phone and shot it ! I wasn’t happy but still uploaded it thinking will delete it the next day! This was shot in the middle of the night! Next morning I woke up and saw, the crazy amount of notifications and messages!! That video became a rage!!!!! My friend Nirali called me up saying she freaking loved it! I was shocked and surprised! My inbox was full of compliments. But I also received many negative comments from Suburbans saying “what has Borivali done wrong to you? Please make a video on how a suburbie replies a towny girl. Himmat hai to towny ko reply de” and i decided to take this up as a challenge!! I researched quite a few things. My friends Sammohana and Savin helped me in the research! And I shot a video on “A reply to a townie from a suburbie” and it went viral !! And that’s how my journey of making sketches (videos) started!

Where do you look for to get a dose of inspiration for your videos?

I get inspired not from any one particular person. But many people around me. Be it a girl going to the college, a guy talking to his girlfriend, autowalla, or a neighbour, innocent father who is not aware of the technology, a mother torturing her kids to study!! These people inspire me! I believe in roasting ourselves instead of roasting celebs or politicians! If we look at ourselves we are hell funny in our day to day lives !

Every video of yours is on point and often relevant to what’s current. How do you go about planning your videos?

I never plan my videos! I have tried planning it once !! I hired a cameraman, sound, writers the whole gang. I shot. I got it edited too. Then after watching it I scraped the whole thing. Despite the whole taam jhaam it didn’t connect with me. I wasn’t happy. !! The idea of my sketches comes to my mind at any moment of time. Once in the middle of the night, suddenly I woke up and started getting ready for the shoot ..! My mum was like “What the hell? where are you heading????” I said I am shooting! She said, “Keep all the stuff and clothes back to where they were after the shoot and only then sleep!” Her only concern was the mess she will have to clean in the morning! hheheh! It looks easy in the video, sitting on a sofa and saying few lines. That’s it!! NO, it is not that easy. The whole house goes upside down. My puppy, Jazz doesn’t sleep unless I sleep. He keeps staring at me until my shoot gets over. And It takes 5 hours for each sketch!

Not many Gujarati entertainers are popular in the online space. What are your thoughts about it? Do you have any favourite Gujarati online entertainer?

There are many Gujarati online entertainers who are doing so well. And I really appreciate them for their hard work. Making people laugh is not easy. But I don’t have any Gujarati entertainers who I can call my favourite as such. There is this Hindi film’s dialogue ” mein apni fav hun” I believe in that !! Haha

What are your tips for anyone wanting to try their hand at YouTube/ videos?

Who am I to give tips to anyone? As I have to learn a lot. Long way to go. But from my little experience, my only tip is just to be yourself. Express from your heart. Make it a “heart to heart connection” with your viewer! It is okay if you just have a corner and a sofa. Doesn’t matter! Viewers are more interested in your content! They are interested in WHAT you wanna say! Don’t take your viewers for granted. They exactly know when you act smart and when you are 100% honest! Having fun and spreading smiles should be the motto at the end of the day!! And That’s what matters right?

What are your future plans?

Currently I am working as a lead in a Gujarati film which will go on floors in November this year. My dream is to work globally and to collaborate with different artists across the border. And then ultimately my motto is to make my mother & my people proud of me!

If you love her honesty and charm, don’t forget to check out her videos.

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