5 Signs that your Friendship is Dying

5 Signs that your Friendship is Dying

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Having a loyal great friend in one of the very few best things in this life you can have. Not everybody has it. And even if they have it, they are not lucky enough to be able to contain it at the same level for much longer. Because, they don’t realize the importable in time and eventually the friendship goes off as the time runs out. There are zillions of pros of having a true fried with absolutely zero disadvantages. Not every good friend is a true friend but every true friend is a good friend. Having a great friendship is like having a plant at your home. You need to look out for it just like your baby. It also responds to you and those are the signs that give you an idea of where is that relation actually going. Here we bring you some signs that signal you that it is about time before the friendship ends. Read on to know about what signal you need to lookout for to confirm a dying friendship.

1. Your friend doesn’t make time for you.

Your friend may be busy with all that work hanging upon his/her head but when your friend doesn’t make time for you when you absolutely need him the most (during a breakup or something), then you may reconsider your bond. Even when you feel that your friend is making silly excuse to not to hang out with you, it time to rethink the friendship.

2. Group keeping you together

Remember, how you used to private message your BFF out of the group while you were still talking in the group. Well, this right here is a strong sign of a strong friendship that goes a long way. When your friend starts to ignore you and only talks to you in a general conversation in chat group, you should think carefully where this friendship is going. This means that your friend doesn’t care much about how will you feel from the decision that is being taken in the group. Thus, it shows your friend didn’t care to ask you on a private message and just went with the flow of the group irrespective of what you feel just how your friend used to do it in old times.

3. Misses the most important moment

Your friend doesn’t care to show up at the most important time of your life. For example, your wedding, engagement party, bachelor party, college reunion after about 20 years or such thing. This shows that your friend doesn’t care about your feeling and whatever other things that are happening in his life are more important to them than your auspicious one-time occasion.

4. You don’t have any idea

A strong sign of a dying friendship is when you don’t know what your friend is doing and what is going on in your friend’s life. Even when you call your friend, you don’t get any response and your friend doesn’t even care to call you back. If this happens more than thrice, that’s when you should sit in a peaceful place and think about what to do next. Whether to keep sobbing over your friend or you move along and make new ones.

5. Behavior change

You may be BFF at one time when you respected each other and talked your heart out politely and lovingly. But, when your friend’s nature changes towards you and there is no more respect left, it a strong sign that the friendship is gonna come crashing down. If your friend lashes out at you in public or is also rude to you without any reason, there is a 100% chance that your friendship is going down.

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