10 Foolproof Ways to Get Someone to Like You

10 Foolproof Ways to Get Someone to Like You

1. Compliment them.

Because it might bring a smile on someone’s face!

2. Be genuinely interested in them.

Do not fake it. They can tell.

3. Stay in touch.

If they are busy, take initiative. Don’t wait forever for them to message you first.

4. Ask them about their daily lives.

A simple “Hi, how was your day?” can brighten someone’s day.

5. Be there when they need someone.

And they’ll remember you for when you were there when nobody was, and realize that they’re your priority.

6. Offer help without expecting anything in return.

Selfish help is no help. But if they offer to return the favor, do not hesitate to take it.

7. Don’t judge them too quickly.

It narrows YOU down. And nobody likes a person who already has opinions about everything.

8. Don’t be taken for granted.

Know where to draw the line and exit someone’s life if they aren’t deserving of you. A good self-esteem can earn you great respect, not only from yourself, but also from others.

9. Be happy.

Because happiness attracts people.

10. Be yourself.

It is your uniqueness which will lead them to come, and stay. Do not fake, imitate, or change yourself for anyone. It sometimes shows a weak mind.

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