5 Disbeliefs that are Making You Poor!

5 Disbeliefs that are Making You Poor!

You are what you believe. Finances are like holding sand in your palm. If you hold it a little loose, it will escape as quickly as possible. And when I say palm, I mean your beliefs and when I say sand, I mean your money! You need to trust yourself and have positive beliefs. Here are some of the believe that you should absolutely NOT have.

1. I need help.

Never ever think that it’s not your cup of tea and you need someone else to do it for you. Stop waiting for someone like your parents, spouse, partner, friend or anyone else to help you. Your financial future is your responsibility and no one else can help you with it! RIGHT NOW is always the best time to take up responsibility for your finances and act upon it. Never ever hold back.

2. I am not that good with finances.

Or so you think. This is only your belief and not the truth. You should overcome this false notion and wake up. Everyone is good at everything. They just need self-control and concentration. You couldn’t even speak when you were born, that doesn’t mean you aren’t good at it now. You learn things as time goes by. You must try and try until you succeed without giving up under any circumstances.

3. I can’t do it.

I can’t do it because I am not mature enough, not smart enough, not that experienced and all that blah blah! Stop right then and there. If you degrade yourself, good luck gaining prosperity then. First you must respect yourself and have faith in you. You must always try even if you don’t have enough confidence to go for it. Many people who thought they couldn’t do it have already done it. There are countless examples all around you from where you can draw inspiration. If you just think you can do it, you are halfway there!

4. I fear loss.

This is the worst thing you could probably do to yourself. If you have a notion of losing money over making more profit, then you’re just one step shy of prosperity. Most people don’t even start because they are just too afraid, but you have started and are almost there. Who would not afford a loss of $100 over a profit of $5000 anyways?

5. Earning is too difficult.

Well, if it was easy, then everyone would have been a billionaire by now. Good things don’t come easy! You need to work hard for it. It will break you, shake you, beat you down while getting to the top but once you get there, the view is mesmerizing so worth it!

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