Everything you need to know about Reliance Jio

Everything you need to know about Reliance Jio

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Reliance has been back and forth in the telecom industry for a while now but this time, Reliance means business! Well, at least it looks like it from the outside! Reliance launched complete details of its Jio service late yesterday and it broke the system! It changed everything we know of our current operators! Literally everything! Like, who even gives free calls?

The first thing that came to the spotlight was the lowest call rates Reliance was offering! Reliance Jio now has set a record for having the lowest call rate in the entire world!

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani also called the Reliance Jio’s 4G network as the largest in the world! The Jio is now all about drawing customers from the market to keep it running. And thus, it has introduced the welcome offer. Here are some merits of Reliance Jio for you!

1. Free voice calls to all the Jio network.

2. Zero roaming charges within India.

3. Cheapest 4G data at about 1/10th price of the competitors.10 times lower price at Rs 25-50 per GB.

4. 10 different data plans to choose.

5. The more your usage, the lower the rate will be.

6. 25% more data for students after producing a valid student identity card.

7. Free data services for the first four months after the launch.

8. A top notch download speed of 135Mbps.

9. 4G-enabled smartphones to be launched at INR 2,999 under its LYF brand.

10. Support not only limited to 4G, Reliance Jio is 5G and 6G ready too.

11. Jio SIM cards to be issued on Aadhar-based eKYC or paperless CAF as well!

12. Jio apps subscription worth Rs 15,000 will be offered to customers as complimentary until December 31, 2017.

13. To be officially launched on September 5th 2016.

14. Here you go! The entire official telecom plan chart!

Reliance Jio 4G Tarrif Plan15. Here’s the comparison too!

Reliance Jio 4G Data Price ComparisonSuddenly, it feels like we are spending a fortune over our phone bills. Need a switch? Well.

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