First Big Gujarati Movies Face Off is Here!

First Big Gujarati Movies Face Off is Here!

Five amazing Gujarati films are releasing next month on 14th October 2016. I am sure this is the biggest face off we have ever had in the Gujarati Film Industry.  We are eagerly waiting to watch all five of them.

Here are those five movies:

1. Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Director – Naitik Raval
  • Release –14th October 2016
  • Actors – Gaurav Paswala, Sneha Devganiya

We have seen less thriller movies in Gujarati Cinema. This is the second feature film by director Naitik Raval. Gaurav Paswala has appeared in 50+ television commercials and done many serials too. Having started his career with Hindi theatres for around 2 years, he’s career started and there was no more looking back. Music of the film is designed by Mehul Surti.

2. Lavari

  • Genre – Comedy
  • Director – Rahu Thummar
  • Release – 14th October ­­2016
  • Actors – Aishwaria Dusane, Harshida Pankhanya, Dhriti Patel, Rohan Patel, Mandeep Singh Basran, Sanjeet Dhoori & Sachin Dhakan

This movie has been entirely shot in Surat. This is the first movie that has been directed by Rahu Thummar. A must watch for all Gujaratis and more importantly all the Surtis. It will be truly exciting to see Surat featured on big screens.

3. Khatti Meethi Setting

  • Genre – Romantic Comedy
  • Director – Killol Parmar
  • Release – 14th October ­­2016
  • Actors – Divyang Thakkar, Manasi Rachh, Nishit Shah, Neha Choudhary, Kamal Joshi & Aditi Desai

Ajay and Mehar are living their lives with their own set of rules. But destiny has its own plans, when Ajay and Mehar run into each other at a common’s friend’s party. What follows is a comedy of errors putting their lives in total disarray, with secrets to keep and a huge mess to clean up!

4. Hardik Abhi Nandan

  • Genre – Social, Comedy, Drama
  • Director – Dev Keshwala
  • Release – 14th October 2016
  • Actors – Ragini Shah, Vimmy Bhatt, Akash Zala, Devarshi Shah, Gopal Parmar, Navjot Singh Chauhan, Poojan Trivedi, Mitesh Moga

Hardik, Abhi and Nandan are three small town boys who come to the metropolis Ahmedabad to pursue their graduate studies. The trio ends up living together as paying guests in the home of Mukta Masi (Ragini Shah). Owing to their individual quirks and unhinged new-found freedom, the three end up living extravagant and reckless lives. In the process, they go through a series of misadventures and find themselves at the center of an unfolding mystery. This coming-of-age tale with an important message is centered around the theme where culture shock plays a major role in leading youth astray and how close relationships can help us cope with the realities of life.

5. Koi Aane Parnavo

  • Genre – Comedy, Family Drama
  • Director – Haribhai Maniya
  • Release –14th October 2016
  • Actors – Jitu J Pandya, Abhay Chandarana, Minaxi, Zeel Joshi, Kalpesh Rajgor, Zalak Patel, Prem Kumar, Shreedeven Tarpara, Nisarg, Vruti Thakkar, Haresh Daghiya, Kalpesh Patel, Mittal Gohil, Anjali, Imtiyaaz Shakih & Viraj Solanki

This is a story about four bachelors. One of them falls in love with Nidhi. Nidhi’s dad comes up with a condition before the couple gets married. The condition is that they first have to find a suitable match for Nidhi’s brother. The struggle to find the match begins. Do you think they will be able to find a suitable match?

We wish all these five movies all the best! May the audience give justice to all five Gujarati films.

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