In conversation with Harshida Pankhanya

In conversation with Harshida Pankhanya

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Meet Harshida Pankhanya, a 20 year old zoology student who ended up being an actress and her feature film Lavari is releasing on 14th October. Have a look at our conversation with this bubbly girl.

Tell us something about you.

I am a 20 year old girl with lots of dreams in my mind. But my dreams kept on changing as I grew. As a child, I wanted to become a cancer. As I grew up, I wanted to do something for animals and so I studied zoology and wanted to become a veterinarian. In all this, the artist in me led towards modelling. My life changed when I found out that I am good in acting and that is when I felt that this is what I was chasing. So this is me…naughty, bubbly, not so girlie and mastikhor chhokri.

How was the transition from being a zoology student to be an actress? Was it tough to explain to your parents about your dreams?

Yes! It was definitely tough to explain them about my dreams and that it is not easy to do two things together. But they never stopped me from acting. They have supported me a lot with my decision of becoming an actress and they will be by my side forever.

Who has inspired and supported you to follow your dreams?

My inspiration is definitely my mother. She has always seen that hidden artist in me and has always encouraged me to showcase my talent to the world. My mentor, Mayur Kachhadiya, who believed in me and pushed me towards acting. My best friends are like my backbone.  They have always supported me and shown trust in me that I will achieve something big in my life.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Foodie, biker, animal lover, music lover and friendly

Who do you think is the hottest celebrity from Hollywood, Bollywood and Gujarati Cinema?

I have loved movies since a long time. Some of the hottest celebrities I admire are Dwayne Johnson from Hollywood, Ranveer Singh from Bollywood and Malhar Pandya from Gujarati Cinema.

Out of all the Gujarati Movies released, which is your favourite and why?

So many Gujarati movies have been released over a period of time. Out of all of them, Gujjubhai The Great is my favourite. It has a perfect sense of humor, perfect timing, great actors and everything has been great in the movie.

Who are you looking to work with from Bollywood and why?

I am a fan of Ranveer Singh so definitely I would love to work with him. He is so charming, energetic, and a loving person with amazing acting skills. He enjoys whatever he does.

How was your experience working in Lavari?

The experience was amazing. I never felt like I am working with people whom I have just met. They are like family to me. I have learnt a lot of things from the team of Lavari. And I also enjoyed playing my character.

Share some pranks you did or anyone did while shooting Lavari.

Out of everyone associated with the Lavari team, I am the youngest. So for them, I was the naughtiest kid on the set who would always tease everyone. I used to poke everyone on the set, so they gave me a name “Gili Gili Girl”.

How would you describe Harshida as a friend and Harshida as an actress?

As a friend, I am someone for whom her friends are life. I have very few female friends as I am not so much of a girlie type girl. There are couple of my best male friends with whom I am completely nautankibaaz. As an actress, I am polite and a bit shy. But when I face the camera, I become fearless. I always learn good things from people around me.

Harshida PankhanyaTell us something about your role in Lavari.

I have played the character of a married. It was a bit tough for me but I took it as a challenge. After reading the script and the dialogues, I was automatically driven to seeing a married couple on their behaviour and type of conversation. I would compare my character with them and learn. I play the role of a typical married house wife who waits for her husband to come home after a long day at work and give her time. But they always end up in a fight. She loves her husband so much but fails to express her feelings. I have got mirch masala dialogues.

There are other 4 films releasing on the same day with Lavari. How do you feel about it?

The Gujarati Film Industry is going to make a record on 14th Ocober 2016 for releasing 5 movies on the same day. I am proud that I am a part of this big day. We have worked really hard and so has the other movies too. The genres of all 5 movies are different so whoever gets more appreciation is to be decided by the audience.

How do you spend your alone time?

I feel extremely low as I cannot stay alone. I rather call up my friends and go somewhere out with them. But in case there is no option, I watch movies, surf the net, listen to music or play with my pet dog “Pari”.

Tell us 10 things that no one knows about you yet.

  • I have written my own songs
  • I am a good singer
  • I hate doing make up on regular basis
  • I hate cat fights (That is why I have more male friends)
  • I love riding bikes
  • I am a moody person. Sometimes I talk a lot while sometimes I stay quiet and feel shy
  • Being a foodie, I want to travel the world and try out their food
  • I have always fought for a good cause, whether someone is hurting an animal or disrespecting girls
  • I want to own a mansion where I can stay with stray animals, orphan children and old age people
  • I get demoralized very easily when someone talks negative things about me

Which is that one role which you wish you did in a Bollywood film?

The one role which I wish I did in a Bollywood film would definitely be opposite Ranveer Singh. So I wish I portrayed Mastani from Bajirao Mastani.

What are your criteria when you choose a film?

While choosing a movie, I keep in mind story, the director’s vision and the character I have to play.

What do you think about BuddyBits?

I have gone through your website and you guys are doing an incredible job by writing about Gujarati films, celebrities and the stories. So keep it up and keep rocking!

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