How to Plan Your Honeymoon?

How to Plan Your Honeymoon?

Busy with looking for a party plot, wedding outfit, event managers?? What about plane tickets, destination, passports?? Yes, we are talking about your honeymoon! Don’t worry. We are here to help you on how to plan your honeymoon.

1. Make a Budget

Once you have decided the budget, you can have a list of places which fit in your budget.

2. Travel Agent or not

Decide whether you will require a travel agent to help you with the hotel and travel bookings or not. It is not necessary to have one, but it is better to have a helping hand.

3. Destination

Decide whether you want your vacation to be on the mountains or the beaches.

4. Tickets

Make sure you have all your tickets in hand. Be it airline tickets, cruise tickets or an adventure you will be going to, make sure you have tickets or a proof that you have paid for it.

5. Duration

Visit a limited place with appropriate time. Do not plan of having a honeymoon at every place possible in the country you will be visiting. There is no fun spending more time in traveling instead of cosying up with your significant other.

6. Hotel

Do you want to stay in a private villa, mountain/ocean facing room or resort? Get bookings done because when you book a hotel many months before, you may get some discount or offers.

7. Weather Check

Be sure about the weather. I am sure you do not want to freeze in the snowy regions or burn in the hot summers during your cosy times. The weather should be appropriate…not too cold and not too hot.

8. Vaccinations

Check out on some information about the country if tourists require any vaccine or not. If you need to have a vaccine, make sure you have it at the right time. Generally, some countries say that you need it around 10 days prior your visit. It depends upon the country’s rule.

9. Visa

Many countries have a visa on arrival policy whereas for some countries you will require the visa beforehand. Find out about the country you will be visiting.

10. Enjoy

This is the time of your life with your significant other. Make the most of it.

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