How to quit smoking like a boss?

How To Quit Smoking Like A Boss?

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Smoking is injurious to health. Well, it’s just not me saying. It is written on that cigarette pack itself. It triggers cancer and many people die of it every year. But there’s something really heavenly about that cigarette that we just can’t quit. The pleasure of holding between your lips and giving it a spark has gripped millions around the globe. But that’s just not the reason to give up your entire life after it, is it? So here are some tips we’ve shared with you on how to quit smoking and live long for your family and friends who care about you!

1. Be determined.

It all starts with you and what you think in your head. You have to be absolutely serious, sincere and honest about it. If you are not serious, sincere and honest about it, you will never be a success in achieving what you want. Once you set a goal, work on it without giving up no matter what.

2. Compare the pros and cons.

List down all the pros and cons on a paper and review it. Write down the things you like about smoking on one side and write down the things you absolutely hate about smoking on the other side. If possible, get a review from all your friends and family on whether they like your smoking habit or not. And when the cons section will outrun the pros one, you are ready to quit.

3. Set a goal.

Be honest with yourself and set a goal, a date preferably. Count the days and try working your best towards quitting before that date arrives. Make an agreement with yourself and sign below. Hang it on bedroom wall so that it becomes the first thing you see when you wake up. Remember the agreement all day and work towards it tirelessly.

4. Shave it down slowly.

If you are thinking that you will be able to quit smoking in a blink of an eye, you are mistaken my friend. Habits don’t go that easily and need your determination, self-control and hard work towards it to achieve your goal. So reduce your smoking slowly day by day or week by week. Don’t buy the entire carton. Instead, buy one cigarette at a time. This will force you go to the shop every time you feel like smoking and it will cut your intake by a whole a lot.

5. Getting rid of things.

When you are almost there, the craving will still be forcing you to take a smoke. But the craving only comes when your mind is triggered after seeing or smelling something that reminds you of smoking. So whenever the craving hits you, lookout for the things that brought back the craving in the first pace and get rid of them immediately. This way you can have more control over yourself and quit smoking even sooner.

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