Justice for Sushant Rohilla: Beyond Criticism

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Justice For Sushant Rohilla Beyond Criticism

Importance of attendance

Education system in India lays stress on the examination system instead of imparting knowledge makes our progeny unfit to be given the responsibility of the young guns of our country. Our country where attendance percentage is a severe pressure on a student no matter what the situation might be. This is a constant threat in a student life throughout their entire journey of studentship.

In this country where we live in the students are being forced to run in an irrelevant rat race.

The mind numbing competition and rote learning do not only crush the creativity and originality of millions of Indian students every year, it also drives brilliant students to commit suicide. Parents spends their life time savings on children still not getting standardized education and struggling to find employment of their choices.

The Education System in India

We also live in a country where the people see education as the means of climbing the social and economic ladder. If the education system is failing – then it is certainly not due to lack of demand for good education, or because a market for education does not exist.

We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not translated into much technological innovation here. Rather, we are busy running the call centers of the rest of the world – that is where our engineering skills end.

The goal of our new education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers and writers who can establish the foundation of knowledge based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into.

Sushant Rohilla

A 20 year old 3rd year LLB Amity school of law student, New Delhi committed suicide on august 10, at his residence in south Delhi. He was cheerful and proactive boy.

To the world, he was just another soul finding his way. But to his college administration, he was a defaulter. Who did not deserve any consideration or lee way and finding his plea lame excuses.

Sushant Rohilla had low attendance and was thus, debarred from appearing for exams. Sushant realized the gravity of situation and thus, wrote an email to the administration begging them to consider his plea on medical grounds as he had suffered a foot injury.

Who will be held responsible?

The college authority, the education system, the government who is never affected by the worsening condition in system and increasing rates of suicide cases every year or   The teachers who found their sole authority on their student lives and humiliate them and does not even realize that they can make them losers for life. We cannot make the whole teacher federation held responsible for this, But yes, someone or the other is responsible for this. ?

Is suicide an alternative to overcome the problem?

Student suicide is not a new phenomenon in our country. At a time when education is the key for our evolution and development of the country, educational institutions practice their authorities on young, developing minds in ways they deem “necessary”.

We have all been threatened and humiliated by our teachers in one way or the other.

Shaming a student or worse, a parent, is just one of the ways these educational institutions exert their authority over a student’s lives.

It’s easy for all of us to pass judgment regarding everything what happens around but cannot even think once what all sort of baggage and pain  he had been with. As we rally against bullying by seniors in schools and colleges, no one speaks about the bullying done by school authorities. This can actually shape our personality and future.


According to me Sushant Rohilla committed suicide just because of great Indian education system. Every year thousands of students committed suicide because of education system. Actually no political party is going to care about it. Student suicide case is not important for Indian ministers, nothing is going to change until and unless you will not stand for this.

Believe me or not, but this is not the last suicide case. Sushant Rohilla is not the first person who committed suicide due to failure of system. Actually India is second largest populated country; no one really cares for single student suicide case.

Accordingly suicide is not an option. If you are thinking about suicide, then believe me, you are a coward. Every person has problem in their life. People should not give up. People should fight with their problems. There is always a solution of every problem. Please think about your parents, if you are thinking about suicide.

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Sakshi Luthra

Sakshi is an MBA student who loves to express her views in the simplest way possible through writing.


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