8 Things Only Makeup Lovers can Relate To!

8 Things Only Makeup Lovers can Relate To!

Well, so this article is going to be every girls favorite after all it is about MAKE-UP!

Here are 8 things that we go through when we wear make-up:


People often say that we wear make-up so that we can cover up our unseen looks or something close to that. But in reality, makeup is about highlighting your best qualities, not hiding your worst. It’s great to conceal a pimple here or there, but makeup isn’t about putting on a mask; it’s about learning how to emphasis your favorite things about yourself.


Sometimes people tend to make faces at us when our poppy lipstick highlights and brightens up our face. It is just that bright lipsticks make us confident. It’s just a bright color that looks gorgeous. It’s like throwing on a completely useless, but totally fabulous, accessory.


Being a make-up lover, we all have a huge makeup graveyard as we do not want to throw away cute looking tins or maybe a huge colorful box of eye shadows.


Tinted lip balms are our friends, because sometimes we have no patience to scrub, hydrate, and moisturize our lips before applying lipstick.


Our eye makeup depends on the importance of the occasion. We draw winged liner only when it’s VERY special.


We watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube so that the next time we wear makeup we can try out something new and different.


People often make a mistake assuming that we are wearing makeup for our boyfriend. But seriously WE ARE NOT! If I put on some bright red lipstick, it’s because I really want to. If I decide to spend an hour crafting a perfect smokey eye, it’s because I ENJOY it. If I don’t wear one single ounce of makeup on my whole face for a week straight, it’s because I don’t feel like I have to. For those that truly love the art of applying makeup, it’s just plain fun.


Just like clothes, makeup allows us to visually express our personality and moods. When you feel romantic – swipe on pink eye shadow and gloss, when you feel sexy – Soft smokey eye and red lips, when you feel happy – Crazy-colored eye shadow or bright fuchsia lips, and many more. Makeup has the power to transform a face, and let the whole world know who you are.

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8 Things Only Makeup Lovers can Relate To!

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