Dear Momina Mustehsan, here is why we are in love with you!

Dear Momina Mustehsan, here is why we are in love with you!

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If you still do not know who Momina Mustehsan is, my dear friend, you’re missing out on pure beauty. No, she is not a model, neither an actress- she is a singer. But her beauty, like her voice, is off the charts- and it is love at first sight, whoever sees her! She debuted on Coke Studio with the famous Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, on the famous classic “Afreen Afreen”, and managed to steal our hearts right then and there. While everybody (including us!) cannot think of anybody better to dedicate “Afreen Afreen” to, here are 5 things that you should know about the Pakistani beauty:

1. She is an untrained singer.

While her voice may sound like honey and all things sweet and lovely, she has never received any formal training in singing. Despite that, she has managed to record 3 singles, and has sung for 2 films already! She’s sung Awari from “Ek Villian”- our first connection with her.

2. She is 25.

For all those boys out there who are gearing up to propose her, she’s 25! And for all those who just sighed because she’s either too young or old, we know! She just spoiled you for all the other girls out there, didn’t she?

3. She is an engineer AND a mathematician.

“Music is a passion for me, not a profession.” Yep. She’s beauty, she’s brains, she’s love, she’s fame! <3

4. She has really handsome brothers too.

It’s in the genes. The internet is not only stalking her, but also her brothers- Hashim and Haider Mustehsan! (And I checked. They’re totally drool worthy). So girls, you have a reason to stalk the singer and her family too 😛

5. She has two other songs from Coke Studio 9, yet to be launched.

For all those who’ve fallen for her voice, she has recorded not one, but three songs this season! The other two songs are recorded under music directors Noori and Shuja Haider- watch out for them.

Apart from these, she’s a cat person, she has a crush on Justin Bieber, loves to travel, and is not comfortable being a public figure. She has already trended for 50+ straight hours on Twitter in Pakistan- well who can blame them? Here’s one for the girl who is not just a beautiful girl- yes, you remind us of the morning sunshine and all things good- but an achiever in herself. Here’s one for the beauty with brains. Much love from India. 🙂

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