5 Signs that You will Live Longer than 100 Years!

5 Signs that You will Live Longer than 100 Years!

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Believe it or not, there are people in this wold who have hit a century of life by doing all the right things and keeping on all the right habits. Here’re some science backed habits in you signalling your century at life!

1. If you’re a fish lover!

Yes, science have found that the people who love to eat fish usually have a high probability of hitting a 100 at life. A study proved that people who were about to reach 100 and were merely over 100 ate a lot fish which contains omega 3. They never really took a lot of fish oil supplements to live longer! It was proved that the adults with high levels of Omega 3 in their blood lived longer than the average.

2. If you eat the healthy food in a frequent manner.

If you eat vegetables or fruits daily, you have a lower chance of dying. A study proved this when researchers called people who ate veggies and fruits on a daily basis and the people who ate random things together to study the effects of eating habits. After conducting the experiment over a period of 5 long years, the results favored the people who were frequent with their eating veggies and fruits. The results had proved frequent veggies and fruits eaters had a 45% lower chance of dying over that period of time!

3. If you are attached.

You are an emotional one, you engage in family functions, you have that one special one, you meet new people, you are always happy, you are way too friendly etc. If all of these qualities are in you, probably you are gonna stick around for a while little longer than you think! All these qualities tend to keep people happy and engaged. Healthy and balanced emotions flow all over them! This in-turn facilitates healthy and slow ageing.

4. If you are a runner.

It is a fact that exercise keeps us going! When we exercise daily and maintain it for a long time, our body works just fine. One of the most important exercises is running. It was found in a study, men who could run a mile in about 8 minutes and women who could scale a mile in 10 minutes were astonishingly healthy and their body showed signs of slow ageing!

5. If you conscious about your waist size!

A study proved that women who had waist size of 37 inches had low life expectancy of about 5 years after they turn 40 than the women, who had waist measure of 43 inches! So, exercise well and eat healthy to keep your waist size in check for a sweet life over 100!

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