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Suchet Vikas Dream Wedding Surat

For all those betrothed people out there, you are stepping out into the world as a twosome…finally. You wish this momentous occasion could be preserved for an eternity. But here is the catch – D-Day will be here today and gone tomorrow. And there are so many professionals out there but photography is more than mere click, save and post. How many can portray the magic that two people experience? Who can sketch the relationship unfolding between two individuals crystallizing into an everlasting bond?

Enter Suchet & Vikas, Wedding Directors who want to hear your tale, experience your passion, imbibe your energy and narrate your story on the silver screen. A fairy-tale could emerge about how you met, how you got here and where do you go from here. Oh and the wedding in between!

Suchet and Vikas curate and capture the magical moments, string them together as a sequence of events that culminate in a wedding. After all, a promise for a lifetime of love deserves the very best.

Suchet Chugh and Vikas Parakh are dreamers of a different ilk. They dream of recreating the precious moments experienced at a vibrant wedding. With over three years of experience of working as cinematographers and photographers, they belong to a rare breed of photographers with a keen eye for detail. They have covered the weddings of many eminent families, Kadam-Bhosle wedding in Pune and the royal family of Sirdesh Pandey in Bijapur, to name just a few.

Aditya and Payal is one such fairytale story that the duo brought to life, with their wizardry.
A little about their background and how the narrative was created; Aditya and Payal were school sweethearts. Soon, they had to decide which colleges to go to and what careers to pursue. But the topmost consideration on their minds was to stay put together! So they continued their studies in Surat and their puppy love matured into a deep and steady relationship over the years. In true filmy style, in the face of family opposition, our man and her lady just dug in their heels and held fast. Eight months of isolation only strengthened their resolve to be together. Many other practical hitches delayed their wedding but finally on 9th of July, they tied the knot.

A long road of trials and tribulations ended in an intimate embrace of love. Vikas and Suchet visualized their journey and filmed their pre-wedding shoot on a rugged pathway dotted with lamp posts. There are many twists and turns on the way, but the lamp posts steadily illuminate their long arduous path. And the two bask in each other’s company!

A cave with volcanic rust coloured rocks was selected as the venue for the next shoot. Hidden away from the prying glare of strangers, the love birds were free to express their heartfelt emotions for each other. And the shutterbugs lapped it all up! Tender moments of love were recorded with reverent regard; they danced beneath an old banyan tree with gay abandon; they made deep vows of fidelity in the dimly lit tavern…a story was being etched for posterity.

The sweethearts had dreamt of flying to Maldives for their honeymoon. Sea beaches were a natural choice for the third capsule of the shoot. It was the perfect place to picture them leaving their footprints in the sand. The camera wizards conjured up trails of clouds, azure skies and ripples in the ocean as the ideal backdrop for the duo. They played in the salty water, got drenched in gay laughter, climbed atop an abandoned jeep, the lover boy reached out for cirrus clouds for his lady love…and every move they made was captured by the unassuming cinematographers.

Here is what the newlyweds have to say:

“Working with ‘Dreams’ is a breeze. Vikas and Suchet take the pains to learn about the close family members and are extremely interactive with them. They cover the entire gamut of photographs at a wedding – rituals, portraits, fun and formal pictures – nothing gets left out. With so many photographers and cinematographers one is spoilt for choice, but we are glad we made the right decision. We have a very valuable album to show for it.”

Vikas and Suchet make the ‘Here and Now’ last forever!

‘We dream of unobtrusively capturing those candid moments that reveal the most about your cherished relationship. A wedding is considered to be an auspicious occasion not only for the couple but also for their extended families. Many a moment escapes unnoticed that reveal the essence of this occasion. We strive to grab each momentous juncture and etch it on the silver screen.’

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